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26 March 2010

'Horse Four' Equine abstract Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Horse Four'

30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

Private Collection

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The Painting:  From my archives...As we are in the midst of packing and moving you will have some paintings of old. 

The Thought: I am late blogging this morning due to exhaustion.  We were busy yesterday helping Justin and Tara with their move to their new home south of Arlington.  They have a beautiful new house to fill with their love and dreams and we were happy to be apart of that start up you might say.  We literally didn't eat all day yesterday until seven thirty last night; I don't want to do that again.

By this late in the morning sleeping in, I almost feel more tired than if I was up early doing.  I will probably feel 'behind' all day.  Even though this Blog will go up two hours late hopefully that does not mean my day will run two hours late all day.  I will miss every appointment I have.  I have to remember this is God's time and not mine.

Yesterday in traffic driving hours with the truck full of the load that would not fit in the mover's 26ft van, Terry and I had time to reflect and talk and vent.  In the book I am reading I am stuck in the chapter on Pain...the Pain we inflect on ourselves.  We have experiences in life that occur moment by moment.  The experiences come to an end, but the feelings of the experience stay with us forever unless we learn to let them go.  That goes back to my favorite, "let go and let God" mantra.  When you store these unpleasant associations up in a back place in your mind, every time something unleashes them you get a rush of late associated memories and pain. When certain situations compound over the years happening over and over the pain increases and multiplies.  This also seems to tie into another favorite, 'to forgive is to forget'.

When do we finally learn how to do that?  We continually punish ourselves by holding on to unpleasant memories and pain from the past and it keeps us from living in the now.  Maybe the experience today would not hurt us like it did ten years ago.  Maybe we have learned new coping skills or have had other new life experiences that would lend themselves to a more positive outcome.  Yet, we still bring in all of yesterday to today and it totally incapacitates our ability to live in the now. Cultivating peace in our minds and our lives is primary. We all have peace within us, we just seem to have a hard time recognizing it or finding it in the jungle of stress we dwell in.

 I believe these are two very hard things to do and apply all the time in order to find peace and live in the now. I know for me I have to remind myself to let go and let God.  I will be adding to that prayer the next phrase,  forgive, forget and move on.  The hardest step is learning to forgive yourself and then wiping out the pain that remains in order to get to the forget, before you can even take a step to move on to peace and living in the now.

If you take my hand, we can do it together.  Feel peace in living in the now, instead of living continually with the anger and hostility of your past.


Let them turn away from evil and do good; let them seek peace and pursue it.--1 Peter 3:11

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