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01 February 2010

'Spirit Wind' Earth Sea and Air Gallery Series Colorful Equine Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Spirit Wind'
Of Earth, Sea and Air

 9 x 12  Oil on Panel, 2 inch board sides
No frame needed.

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The Painting:  There is a spirit in this small one, a definite uniqueness that captures your eye immediately.  I am not sure if this is color induced or the actual painted eye of the horse.

The Thought:   Today Justin and Tara were over to share wedding book ideas and plans for the wedding and rehearsal dinner. Everything so far is looking fabulous but I had no doubts on this as Tara is VERY organized!  I was impressed with the immediate ability to pull up lists, food menus, flowers, cakes etc...and yes we were invited to the cake testing!   More issues with the diet...may have to say no.  Jonathan was with them so we got to have some grandson time too.

Stacey and Larry were over today as well bringing little Tink with them. Mom came over so she could see everyone. TINK IS TAKING STEPS... out as she will be walking with in the next week or two.  She is the apple of her Bampa's eye and the echo of her Oma's heartbeat.  We thank God every day several times a day for this blessed child in our lives.

Tink has her uniqueness as well.  Not sure if it those deep blue eyes or that rosebud mouth or the way she borrows one of her mom's classic faces when you talk to her and she is batting those eyelashes at you, but we know God created a blessing in this baby for our family.

You too are a unique creation, one of a kind from God.  You-niquely Yours.  That is one of my class lessons in art.  Every heartbeat, every hair on your head, every unique sound from your accent in your voice is all you-niquely yours.  Your fingerprint and footprint cannot be duplicated.  No one else matches you or has your exact combination of gifts.  God has taken the genes that were combined to His mixture and made the perfect you.

We know as we look around that God loves both variety and all kinds of shapes and sizes. He definitely shows a sense of creativity with each of us. In creating you, He made you for a purpose. You are not here by accident just breathing and taking up space.  You were made for a reason. With your creation came Spiritual gifts and a heart.  Your spiritual gifts are to be used to serve others.  Your heart is what will drive you and motivate you.  Everyone has different hearts and every one is motivated and works in a different way.  God will put the right desires in your heart if you ask Him.

He gave you that unique personality. That would be the way YOU act, feel and think. The root of your personality is your thought life.  I remember that from confirmation years ago.  Proverbs 4:23 "Your life is shaped by your thoughts." God uses experiences in our lives to work for His good. Those experiences help shape us into who we are today.  He prepares us to go out to help others. The things we bring on ourselves, He takes the time to see us through because if we don't make mistakes, we never learn.

So no matter what today brings... it is developing who you are today and what you will do tomorrow.

"For you created my inmost being;  you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14.

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