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17 February 2010

'Appy Cover Girl' Equine Art Horse Oil Painting Magazine Cover by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'APPY - Cover Girl'
30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

On the Cover of the Peak to Peak Appaloosa Directory 2010

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The Painting: This painting was finished in 2006.  I was contacted by the Peak to Peak Appaloosa Organization for permission to use the painting on their cover.  I am honored.  When they sent the Copy of the Directory to me, I was further surprised with a full page inside article on my art work:

The Thought:   I am still thanking God repeatedly for the power being back on.  I am sure in a few weeks my thanks will slow down to once a day, but meanwhile it is almost every ten minutes a prayer of thanksgiving.

I remember lying in bed on the cold nights shivering and bone cold despite blankets and Terry's usually warm body next to me.  He was cold too.  I would be in prayer acknowledging the situation and praying for the men and women out in the cold trying to restore power for all of us.  I knew God was in control and when our time arrived, we would be warm again.  After the third night my brain was more frantic and I when I prayed thoughts darted through about, if I could just know how much longer I could focus on it and grit my teeth and carry through.   The message I would get was always steady,  "NO WAY BUT UP".   It was then I would begin to feel His warmth seeping through my cold limbs, my heart rate slowing and my body giving in to the fatigue and relaxing and falling asleep. Every morning I would awake warm and rested in my cocoon of covers.   I do not think He wanted me gritting my teeth and bearing up, I think He wanted me to relax and allow Him to take care of me.

When people are hurting, the best help is when you help them look up to Jesus.  Allowing God to literally take over a situation is the only way up and out.  It is "No Way But Up." The Lord has the power to perform miracles in our lives.  We miss so many of them because we are looking for what we expect to happen... the power coming back on for me.  The simply miracle came in letting go and letting God, His warmth surrounded me and gave me rest through each night.  If I can share anything with you today, it would be that.  Stop trying to figure it out. Live in this moment and let go of the stress or tension that is surrounding you. Stop trying to force something or grit your way through it.  God does not intend for us to live this way.  We choose it for ourselves.   

The answer is there... we have to simply open our hands to receive it.


"Amazement seized them all and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, "We have seen extraordinary things today."  Luke 5:26.

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