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09 December 2009

'Eyes of an Angel' Contemporary Equine Art Horse Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Eyes of an Angel'
30 x 30 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD just a day after it was finished this week! Thank you.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie

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PRE-NOTE:  I am in immediate search of a small white teddy bear with a pink tutu....please email me Laurie
if you know of where I can find one.  THANKS!

The Painting: This was started last week and finished this week.  Softness of white and tan countered with golds, Indian wheat, violet blues and periwinkle... all layered in this angelic composition.

The Thought:  Well, Terry and I have continued with the puzzle.  He made the comment that he felt stupid at times sitting there twenty minutes with a puzzle piece in hand and it slips simply into a spot where he has been staring at.  The answer was there all the time... he was just looking to hard.   I have decided it has be done in the next two weeks so I can put it up for us to have Christmas eve here and feed everyone.

We all have things in life we are trying to figure out and I cannot emphasize enough you are trying too hard to see the answers. God has provided those answers. You are so stuck in your box you cannot possible even begin to see them over the edge of the side of your box...and the answers are right there in front of you.  The love you want is there. The job you need is there. The money that you are short is truly there; you are looking for these things in a predictable way that you can control.  You have not sat in simple concentration and prayer with God for HIM to show you where you will find the missing love or the job you need.  Our way is not His way. 

When someone is missing from your life you cannot bring them back. You have to get into the daily habit of releasing them to God. You are in God's heart and you are filled with His spirit. The next best thing is to pray that God is in this person's life filling them with His grace.  Viola you are connected through the Spirit.

The missing job... you are obviously going in the wrong direction or it would be working. Your mindset is in concrete and nothing can pull you from be ready to be poor and miserable. You need to reinvent yourself and refocus on other assets. God obviously wants you going a different direction. YOU need to try it out.  Try a different career.  Do the un-obvious and pray.

Money is short for bills?  Get creative.  This week we made goulash again and it will feed us for five days.  We get tired of eating it, but we keep fresh organic fruit and breads that rotate that make it easier.  Perhaps you could offer your services to family or friends letting them know you need to pick up some extra money to help out right now.   You may find you enjoy raking leaves or painting walls...and the money will be there that you need and you will be helping someone else out.   I remember when I was young and the kids were young, my friends and I would get together and help each other clean house.  It was WONDERFUL.  We each took certain areas of the house and did it. Our kids played together.  By working together we each ended up with a clean house and we had fun doing it.   Another friend and I would cook on Sundays and make enough to trade out with each other on part of the food.  I loved her Hawaiin Meatballs and she loved my chili.  We did dessert trades too...and by each of us preparing two meals on Sunday for two families, we were able to feed our families all week from those meals.

Back to THE puzzle.  We are not even half way... and I should be spending more time working on it too.  Mid day is best for me...mind and light on the pieces.

Is there a best time to talk to God to figure out your decision on something?  Nope, anytime is good for Him. Infact,  give Him a nod right now... reach out and tell Him you  are ready to release your control to Him, for Him to order your steps....and send you in the right direction.

"Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God."   Psalm  42:11

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