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04 November 2009

'Other Side of the Earth' Abstract Landscape Day and Night Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Other Side of the Earth'

18 x 27  Oil on Canvas
SOLD to Collector in Virgina

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The Painting: I found another one from this earlier series...but this goes back to 2006.  Sometimes it is fun to go back and look at the progress of art over the years.  This would be ALMOST 4 years ago.

The ThoughtLooking back over life experiences can be both joyful and depressing.  When I turned fifty I remember sitting in the chair  gazing out at my garden and recognizing I had lived five decades and each of them seemed relatively different... different stages in life.  I knew at that moment if I died I had lived a wonderful life to that day. It would not have been the perfect life in any way shape or form, but it was mine and it was full and I felt joy looking back even at the hardest times.

With my birthday this week I am turning 57.  Egads when did I grow so old?  I told the kids this weekend they had to stop aging as it was making me older. I believe as you grow older the hardest thing to do is accept the things you can do and stay away from the things you only THINK you can do.  (Sally Fields as NORA on Brothers and Sisters is getting old too...I still remember her as the Flying Nun.)

We are not meant to act 45 at age 57.  We are not meant to act 65 at age 80.  We are not meant to act 12 at age 18.  etc. etc.  Contentment is accepting who you are at this time.  You can have a joyful youthful mind at an older age, but you have to have the wisdom to accept your body limitations as well. God did not create this body to withstand the sands of time...but to change with it as everything in nature does.  So life and things in life have to change.  Take care of your body and your mind. Age gracefully.

Our pain and frustration is tied directly into our unwillingness to accept the changes we face at any age.  Why should I want to turn 18 and be responsible? It is easier to let Mom and Dad do it all.  Why should I want to be responsible for myself at 30?  Yeah, it is still easier to allow Mom and Dad to do it.  What is wrong with this picture?  Mom and Dad are not accepting the changes they need to make as well as their child's changes, especially at age 30. 

Our society here in America continues to evolve.  More grandparents are raising grandchildren. More parents are still caring for boomerang children. (I was/am one of those.) Letting Go and Letting God at every stage-AGE in our life is important. 

Be smart, evaluate where you are right now and what you should be doing. Are you living a contented life or a frustrated one?  I would not want to missing any good moments in life at any age.

Make it a good day...let it all go and let God in to work.  Take a break from worry and get your life back.


"As servants of God, live as free people." --1 Peter 2:16

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Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey Laurie! Wonderful thoughts and presentation. Lovely painting. I love the color combo!

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