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18 November 2009

'Happy Hour' Large Equine Horse Western Cowboys Art Oil Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Happy Hour'

18 x 24  Oil on Canvas

SOLD and the paint is not even dry! Thank you.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie

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The Painting: In the beginning there was color... and I began many years ago with impressionism edging on realism. This was painted with only five colors on my palette and I was amazed by the poetry that emerged as it came together. I just finished it last night.  Holbein Duo Oils on Linen Canvas. Contact me for more impressionism!

The Thought: But it is greener over there....I know the grass is greener and I know it will be a better life and a better way...but will it?   We face the decision of leaving our foster/adopt daughter in the huge public high school she is struggling in (Not because she cannot do the work, but because she came from a tiny high school in the country to us here in the city.) to a smaller school setting near downtown.  It would require dart rail and dart bus as I do not have the time in my day to devote 2 hours driving back and forth in traffic where a bus will drop her in front of the door of the new school.

After months of 'I hate this school, find a new one', when confronted with the reality of what her choices was, I think last night she decided to try and work out her issues at the large high school.  We gave choices of stay where you are, go to the new high risk school, or get your GED.

Hey, we all like choices don't we?  I know for me it is that age old advice from my dad to MAKE A LIST  and as much as I hate doing it, it is by far the best way man can look at the pros and cons and see what might be the right decision given the knowledge gained to this point.  My flighty arty side says, climb the fence, what are you waiting for... but my dad's level head would always attempt to stabilize me.

So my advice to you today if you are facing decisions about anything, even if you truly think you know what is best, take twenty and save possible later regret, and make that list.  PROS and CONS... even you can do this.  Even while your hidden ego says, NO I can do this, leave me alone, I am climbing the fence, do not do it with out the list.  We can talk ourselves into so much and along the way rationalize everything we are doing as the right thing... don't fall for it, make a list.


Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17 

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