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08 November 2009

'Four White Vases' Flower Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Four White Vases'

24 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: Another one from 2005.  WHY? I was laid up with a powerful backpull yesterday and I didn't get anything done.  I have two paintings sketched out on canvas, but they are not even one step passed that.

The ThoughtI struggled to make it from the bed to my desktop as my laptop does not have access to older files on it.  Makes me reflect on struggles in our life overall.  Some of us have physical struggles, others have mental and some are blessed with both.  We all struggle in one way or the other. 

The House of Representatives just passed the health care reform bill...more struggles are ahead.  I am not sure how we can adjust our health care system to make it work. Things have spiraled out of control. What I do know is my youngest son did his college final thesis on health care back in 2004.  He was totally ALL for government health care for everyone.  I held my breath and prayed as he researched that he would discover all he needed to find and he truly did. The more research he compiled the further he was pulled into health care situation in every nation in the world. He spent months in research and by the time he was completed, his thesis statement had drastically changed and he incorporated all of his journey into this paper. He was so convinced in the beginning that government control would benefit everyone and when he was writing the final paper, he was totally against it.  He felt a strong need to return to what was before.  Individual Responsibility and reform of the costs of medical attention both at the local doctor as well as at the hospital.

I shared my story of growing up and my parents only having Major Medical Insurance.  As a family, my dad and mom paid for regular doctor visits, shots and medicine.  The Major Med policy was for emergency situations or hospitalization.   Where did this all change over the years? When did the American public decide they were owed health care by employers or the government? I can't answer that. Personally I was thrilled with our medical coverage with American Airlines when Terry and I married. Heck Doctor visits were only $8 and prescriptions were only $4.  We slid right into the snare of health care and the health care insurance making millions off of companies and medical costs soaring under the burdens. Now we complain because we have to pay $350 a month for medical insurance through American.  We do not spend that much in a year at all. That is over $4000.  We go to the doctor maybe twice a year and even with the blood tests etc I doubt we ring in more than $1800. BUT we put in $1200 for someone else down the road that needs more.  I know as we get older our needs will change.  When you are 25 you probably do not need the same health care insurance as a 65 year old.

I have no answer but personally feel we have to take more responsibility for our actions, our choices and our own health of our bodies.  If we have health issues due to being overweight or plugged up blood vessels from over fat foods, whose responsibility is this? God gave us this body as His temple.  I clean my house and take care of it tons better than I do my body.  I would not be in the situation right now with my back if I did not spend so much time standing to paint and then slaving over all the computer responsibilities I have between my business and my household.

Think about your car for a moment.  We are required by the state of Texas to have auto insurance. They can tow your car and keep it and sell it at auction if you drive without car insurance in our state.  Auto insurance guarantees that you can have coverage if you cause an accident. You have responsibility to pay for damages you have done to others.  Auto insurance does not pay for your maintenance on your car, your oil changes, tire changes, belts, water pumps etc. That is what Major Medical Insurance use to do for our bodies and our lives.  It covered the catastrophic things, not the everyday maintenance stuff. 

For most of us, God provided us with healthy bodies in the beginning as we are born.  Our environment and our choices affect what happens to our bodies.  I challenge you to begin taking stock of your physical shape right now. Be proud of what He has given you and take care of it. Start exercising regularly and stop eating so much sugar and white flour. Cut back on your carbs and increase your vegetables.  Think twice before eating beef more than once a week. Add more fish. We have it three times a week.

Start taking care of yourself today.  I am not sure what health insurance will be there for any of us next year, private or public.


 “But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”- Joshua 24:15

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