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17 October 2009

'Three Apples' Fruit Art, Apple Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Three Apples'

8 x 10 Oil on Board 

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The Painting: Crisp colors of fall in this contrasting of hues red and green. These were honey crisp apples I bought at Whole Foods last week and as they were drying from washing I snapped pictures on my green kitchen towel. Had to paint them. Gotta love it.

The Thought: More Wii today... much better as I didn't work out by 35 minutes. I do not feel as drained.  I can honestly say I am tighter all over from the yoga and aerobics.

I am determined to try and do this at least five times a week added to my huge daily list...but I worry when I start humming the tune of the step song from the Wii.  Daughter says I am doing it too much. She has me working on my MYSPACE.  Yes I have one. I visit it once a year. I have never used it. Interesting concept. 

Finding the WHOLENESS in life is important. On the way back from driving the daughter to school yesterday, I noted in a yard ready for Halloween two tombstones. One was were an old tree used to be that had to be cut down after one of the recent storms. That tree had to be 75 years old. It was huge and shaded much of the house and street.  The tombstone read.  "R Oak Tree 1920 - 2009"  on the other side of the yard was another tombstone, "Rest in pieces" and there were some of the smaller branches of the oak tree.

That made me think about Resting in Peace....that should not just be at death, but it should be when we are alive.  Wholeness allows us to rest in peace, God's peace through out the day.  When we are not whole in Him, we are indeed resting in pieces.... one piece at work, one in the kitchen, one outside doing yard work, one piece paying bills, one piece jogging around the block while the mind is soaring through all the things that you need to do yet today.

Wholeness is a natural state of God.  We have to accept it and affirm it to have that whole peace.  We have to affirm strength, health and well being. We have to affirm our love of Him. When we do that we are able to restore vitality to life each day.

Breathe deeply and inhale oxygen rich air provided by Him
.  This begins restoring cells in your lungs and spreads it through your body.  Open your mind to peace and to Him and center yourself in wholeness today.  Eat nutritious foods prepared in a healthful way and begin exercising and strengthening not only your body but your mind as well.

Body, mind and soul....God's given expression of His love of wholeness.  Find His wholeness today and do not rest among the pieces...but rest in His whole peace.


"Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body." Proverbs 16:24

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