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13 September 2009

'Longhorn' Texas Bevo Longhorn Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace


18 x 24  x 2 inches
Oil on Canvas
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The Painting:  Pulling paint for longhorns varies so many things in the face area.  Each longhorn face is a unique as a human face,  thus the pulls bring in an interesting variable.  The Longhorns are popular for holiday gifts.  I usually get two to three commissions for them.  Contact me early for the holidays.
The Thought:   Chameleons are interesting animals.   From an artist standpoint they are ever changing as they match up to their environment. 
    Robert Fritz once said, "One of the most importnat results you can bring into the world is the you that you really want to be."
    For me it was an artist. I always  believed I was an artist. My entire life I have not swayed from this gift or belief.  I have explored and participated in many different areas of art from teaching, to commercial art, to self indulgence in making my own art.  
    Many folks we meet in life seem to drift through with out direction. They never seem to grasp what their purpose is; they never recognize or discover the gifts they have; they never use the gifts they have.  They are like the chameleons, ever changing to be what is needed at that time.  When they are at church, they are deeply convicted.  When they are up parting at night and drinking, they are a party animal.  When they are a Lowe's, they are a handy man.  When they are giving a speech in front of people, they become a politician.  Their views change with every situation and their loyalties are easily swayed.
    When you hang out with certain people, you act a certain way.  You are influenced by their beliefs and actions.  You loose sight of your own being as you slide into a "chameleon" type response.
    While I think it is necessary to be flexible and adaptable, I strongly believe it is vitally important to always be yourself.  The "Yourself" that God made.  Make a list of your friends and family.  Just a short list of maybe five or six people.  Then next to their name think first and then write down "who " you are around that person. Do you change with each of them?  When you look at the list, which "You" do you like best?  
    Develop the real you into your full gift of who you are. Then begin to live your life to its fullest potential.
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4 

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