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25 August 2009

'Five Painted Ponies' Horse Equine Abstract Painting by Laurie Pace

No. 302 Five Painted Ponies

18 x 27 inches
Oil on Canvas

SOLD off my BLOG.

Contact me to purchase: Laurie

Make an offer on this painting, and I will consider all offers. It comes with the miniature one too. It is the prepaint I did several weeks ago...and from it this larger painting. SO, you would get two paintings.
© Laurie Justus Pace Graphics One Design 2009
© Laurie Justus Pace Graphics One Design 2009
The Painting: Well hopefully you recognize the prepaint from several weeks ago. Then finally I was able to do the full painting. I will do one more that will be a third painting as I complete exploring the color palette of the first small prepaint. So stay tuned. Meanwhile if you like what you see, make an offer today. As we get into September we get into the four months before the holidays and thoughts of special gifts for those you love are important. I "Pay" it forward quite a bit over this time period.

The Thought: The bathroom continues on its rebuild. Terry has to do the shower step and the rest of the floor and then we seal the grout. I think after that we get to shower. YEAH. And maybe he can enjoy his last week of vacation.

Today I want you to remember the words, I CAN. Everything is possible with God. Through you He works to reach out to others and to make things happen in their lives. You can make a difference to many other people, to some you know and to some you may never met. Realizing there is a huge picture we never actually see, we have to go forward in faith accepting that God is in control and we can and will do all things through Him. His spirit abides within each of us.

It began when He gave you life. From this moment forward you begin to move and react to the world around you. God provided wisdom as He began to reveal complex things through your every day living and your knowledge began to grow. He gave you peace and rest to restore your soul and spirit to enable you to live fully in every moment of your waking day.

Truly nothing is lacking in your life, unless it is the simple act of your opening your heart and hands to Him.


"Jesus said to him, "if you are able! All things can be done for the one who believes.'" Mark 9:23

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