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27 July 2009

'Reckoning Two' Large Equine Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

'Reckoning Two'
3 ft by 4 ft
Oil on Canvas

Commission Painting SOLD
Gallery Value $4800

Contact me for your own painted pony. Laurie

© Laurie Justus Pace Graphics One Design 2009

AND available to purchase today....

'Sail Away'
18 x 27 inches
Oil on Canvas
by Morgan Pace

Available 450

Appraised Gallery Value 1495

Contact me to purchase and mention the title of the painting: Morgan

Click on the painting to see more details. The paint is VERY thick Holbein Duo Oils.

© Morgan Haskell Pace Graphics One Design 2009

The Horse Painting: Double trouble today, but Morgan is painting and I promised to post his work. He truly is stronger every time he paints. I just finished up the 3 ft by 4 ft horse in vivid reds and greens for a home in West Texas with a very tall wall by a desk! It was fun painting this one and I still may touch up some areas along the way.

Here is a slide show of the process:

The Thought: Found out on Friday that I have TWO shows in New York in August. Also found out I need double the work. I have been painting non stop and will be today as well. Terry is busy working on the bathroom. I know we will not make it up for the shows with the bathroom still unfinished. I am hoping to escape to the lake for a few days. I will need it after this!

When playing the piano, you have to move from the clinical play of a piece to the emotional playing of a piece. The pattern of sound tells a story and the touch of the musician gives expression to the story. The music can softly life you to a high plateau and tease you with building arpeggios. Then suddenly the music can fall silent ....hesitant....quiet. WHAM...the next play of fingers across the notes sends you with eyes flying open and your heart beating fast.

A passionate player can take your mind on a soulful journey through a song. They know just the right second to transcend into quiet and explode into energy.

God is no different. Just think about your life. If you are like me I pray for plateaus of peace. I know they are short lived but it is a time to rest and regain your strength. (I am hopeful for the lake trip) God would like us to be in preparation with our gifts, ready to use them at His timing. Be ready to accomplish things in His name today.

Turn off your computer today, and your television. Be a participant in life.

I just got an email just before I clicked published and my art is the art for today on eBsq. This is for Monday as I know feedblitz sends this out a day those of you on feedblitz will see it on Tuesday... my art was chosen for Monday. Click the picture to visit EBSQ.


"As of me, I trust in You. O Lord, I say, "You are my God." My times are in Your hand." Psalm 31:14-15

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Arti said...

I love your style, Laurie...your horses are as brilliant as your flowers.Just great!

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