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25 April 2009

Early Spring Pears
Contemporary Art Pears Fruit Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 24 inches of THICK Palette Knife Oil Painting


"I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever." Psalm 45:17

Yesterday Uncle John worked all day prepping walls in my studio. I have been out painting in the garden room discovering that painting while standing on concrete is NOT my favorite thing.
Today he will return and begin putting the color on the walls. It is a simple light grey tone that is in the house everywhere else but our room and one bathroom. With this house being a contemporary, but a Frank Lloyd Wright type, we went with calm grey through out allowing the decor to bring in the color. Most of his architecture was designed around nature and the home fitting into the environment. In all my other homes I have splashed color everywhere. Color is contemporary, but this home is a healing calm home. I need to do an updated slide show to share it. God is here in this home and His power can be felt.

I chose a verse on memory this morning. Do you have a first memory in your life? Can you still describe it and use details? One of my earliest memories is my third birthday party. I know we ate hot dogs and I got sick afterwards. (Now I know it was an allergy to sodium nitrate.) I wore a light yellow sweater that had little tiny flowers and pearls in a simple design across the upper chest/neck area. I can't remember who all was there, but I remember the food, what I wore and my cake. I know my mom was there as her face is in so many of my memories. In that same St Louis home, I remember my mother making home made jelly rolls. Sort of a sponge like cake with jelly on it and rolled up. I have quite a few memories of that house, my bedroom, the hall bathroom with the vent on the floor in front of it; the basement, the kitchen, the breezeway. I could still draw the house plan for it.

Most of my first memories are contentment and love. Not every one is that fortunate. Then, God changes us as we grow older. I know by the mid forties and early fifties my short term memory began to backfire, often leaving me in search of car keys or a missing book. My dad suffers from Alzheimer's and that is a major memory robbing disease.

Why are memories important? Are they important? Life is not about preserving the past, but it is about making today and tomorrow richer, fuller and happier. A memory is part of a relationship in life. Aren't most of your earlier memories tied to a people event or happening? Yes, we all have challenging moments in our lives that we always remember, but the best memories are those times shared with someone else.

God speaks of memory through out the bible. "Do this in remembrance of Me." Luke 22:19. Jesus shares the bread and cup at the last supper. These words live on through all of us today in the shared experience and memory of communion. We spiritually celebrate together as Christians the miracles and grace of God. We make memories daily as we walk our journey with Him, sharing with others.

Picture albums are great, computer pictures and FACEBOOK are good too, but nothing beats LIFE as a real thing; people connecting, touching and sharing the joys and sorrows of a lifetime.

I am thankful you stop and read my blog...but go out today and make a new memory with someone. Make it really special. I am going to visit my dad.


"The memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot." Proverbs 10:7

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Kay Wyne said...

Pears....not my favorite fruit. But these might change my mind. I love the colors. It makes me want to go buy some pears, and study the colors....

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