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16 March 2009

No. 108 Urgency
Contemporary Horse Equine Art Daily Painting by Laurie Justus Pace


24 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas
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"And have them make me a sanctuary, so that I may dwell among them." Exodus 25:8

Mom and I went to Target yesterday. Of course I went with a list. It was a small list to buy Morgan a toothbrush, get some dental floss, some floor cleaner and Kleenex. Somehow I spent $184.00. I haven't been brave enough to unpack the bags, but I know I added Benedryl for Terry, light bulbs, an extension plug, some dish towels on sale, Target brand gallon freezer bags, and I bought some face moisturizer, eye cream, eye shadow....etc. I normally buy Clarins or MAX at Dillards, but that stuff is way expensive. So Mom and I decided to try Botanicals from the Target aisle. That is what is in my bags. I was good, no clothes for Lauren, Stacey or me!

Once home I finished cleaning up and started early dinner for Mom and Terry. I made fresh talapia steamed over lemon slices with fresh tomatoes and fish seasoning, my famous fresh salad with a raspberry vinigrette dressing and brown rice. It was one of those meals where you try and figure out what you want to be your last bite!

For me every day is a celebration of life and of love. BOUNDLESS ENERGY! And I love food, can you tell? When I wake I am normally full of energy, how else would I blog like this every day? This energy is in all of us and multiplies out around us into the world and often results in chaos. In every magazine and on every station on TV we hear about human issues and human nature be it positive or negative. What we rarely hear about or see, is Sacred Nature.

It is so rare on the news to hear good news, or good stories. It is even rarer unless you are on a specific station to be in tune with God's presence in the media. Inner peace begins with God's presence within each of us.


Where in your soul do you find quiet, comfort and safety? In the still of the moment you can feel the indwelling spirit of God. It is here only that you will find your peace and serenity.

Turn off the noise today. Immerse yourself in Him and you will find that peace.


"There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace." Proverbs 12:20

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Debbie said...

Our big TV in the living room died yesterday and I am secretly celebrating the QUIET! (And hoping it can't be fixed - we can not afford to replace it right now). I will enjoy the quiet while I can....

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