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27 March 2009

Desert Rose 1
Contemporary Art Flower Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

16 x 20 inches Oil on Canvas

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"Those who are attentive to a matter will prosper, and happy are those who trust in the Lord." Proverbs 16:20

Getting in the way...

Yesterday was a day full of fun and company. Little Lauren arrived with Stacey at seven a.m. A few hours of enjoying her and then bundling her up, we had our first Girls Day Out Shopping...but only for two small stops, Target and Gymboree. I have pictures on Stacey's camera and I will do a slide show for tomorrow. Also pictures of everyone coming to see Baby Lauren. She met her Great Aunt Terrie and her Great Uncle Bill.... and then enjoyed her Great Grandpa Ben and her Bampa, Terry. I don't know about the baby, but I am worn out.

Getting in the way... that was the thought that crept into my head this morning. Have you ever sabatoged yourself or see someone else sabatoge themselves? God has so much instore for us and plans for us to prosper. We seem to have the knack of switching directions or making bad choices that make those blessings fade before we can see them. Before us remains a bundle of abundant good. Trusting in Him, I know it is aboslutely the best meant for me. I only need to follow Him and open my hands to receive His blessings and accept my good.

Unfortunately most of the time I do something stupid and submarine the entire project. I limit myself when I do this. I limit my blessings and in the end limit what I can do and give to others.

Is it human nature to want to control so much that we miss out on the best things in front of us?

Today I want you to move forward accepting His gifts and blessings.



“For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him,” Philippians 1:29


Susan D said...

I so do this. I want to control the situation instead of waiting on God to show me His plan. He is definitely working on me in this area. I'm so thankful He is not impatient with me as I am with Him. Blessings, Susan

PS Can't wait to see new pics of precious Lauren.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hi, Laurie! I'm honored that you are jumping on the 30 x 5 bandwagon. What a gorgeous site you have. I'm so happy to meet you.

Connie said...

Just lovely, Laurie.

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