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18 February 2009

Longhorn Herd
Contemporary Palette Knife Art Daily Longhorn UT Bevo Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 36 inches Oil and Acrylic Overlays

SOLD just as I posted it here on the blog! THANK YOU!

Contact me for commission work for Longhorns. Watch this week for the Longhorn traveling to live in the UK! Laurie

"Let's sell Joseph to those Ishmaelite traders. Let's not be responsible for his death; after all, he is our brother." Genesis 37:27


Did your parents ever tell you the old phrase, "You made your bed, now lie in it?" Humm, really can hit home can't it. Even when you are trying to do good, if you are not leading your actions by prayer, things really do backfire on you and you end up being responsible. Uncomfortable situations that cause stress in us are usually brought on by our own unwise actions. Joseph's brothers faced this problem. They wanted to eliminate Joseph; he was quite irritating to them. Their action to "sell him" created quite a bit of suffering and stress, more than Joseph would have caused them had they not bothered with "selling him".

As you make decisions in your life, lead out with prayer first. Even a small prayer will help. And not necessarily, "oh God, please let this be the right decision"... that only tells Him you are making this on your own without consulting Him. Try something more like, "Gracious Father, I need your grace and wisdom as I approach this situation. I am limited in time by man's clock, but know my time is NOT your time and I wisely defer my immediate need to you for guidance." Then wait, think about other things and busy yourself. Getting a fresh start back on the decision even thirty minutes later may find you in another set of mind. If the decision you had made was good then, it will be even better now because you have taken the moment.

On the house front, Terry is almost finished with the back splash. Another day of push and he will have that complete. He has put in almost 12 straight hours today. Stacey and I went out to do a quick grocery run and also checked out sales at Gymboree. Did I spell that right? She has new pictures of Lauren, but I forgot to snap a shot of it. Will try to do that tomorrow.... she still looks like her daddy... her lips, nose and her eye brow area.

The weather in Texas stinks. It is February and the grass is green and the dogwoods are budding. This is about two months early. Can you guys up north send us some more winter??? I still have not worn any of my wool sweaters yet.

"relax, don't worryabout it..." words from Genesis 43:23...

Celebrating Abundance,


"And Judah said, "Oh my lord, what can we say to you? How can we plead? How can we prove our innocence: God is punishing us for our sins. My lord, we have returned to be your slaves, we and our brother who had your cup in his sack." "No," Joseph said."Only the man who stole the cup will be my slave. The rest of you may go home to your father." Genesis 44:16-17


Anonymous said...

"Can you guys up north send us some more winter???"

I second that! It's practically spring in Austin!

Provident 360 said...

Dear Friend,

Great Blog!

Keep up the good work.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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