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02 January 2009

PONY UP no. 3
Contemporary Art Daily Painting Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 24 x 2 inches Acrylic on Canvas

With the new year I know resolutions and decisions are made to develop new habits and toss out old ones. Unfortunately many go by the wayside before the last day of January. Heck, mine didn't make it past last night. We took Mom out to eat at the Magianno's where Morgan works. We had one of the best booths in the room, and him waiting on us. The head chef came out and introduced himself and then allow us to just tell him what we wanted. How many restaurants will do this? Mom and I both ordered tilapia. She had hers over spinach; although I love spinach, it gives me kidney stones... I had grilled squash with mine. Both dishes had a lemon butter wine sauce that was dreamy and smooth and very tasty.

Terry didn't get to choose. The Chef informed him Morgan had chosen his food already. We sat in quiet anticipation as Morgan brought our salads. Mom and I were given the traditional house salad with the house dressing while Terry had a chopped salad with lots of avocado and blue cheese. He rolled his eyes in contentment. Mom and I were not far behind. Ten minutes later, Morgan appeared with plates for Mom and me, while the chef appeared with Terry's food. Terry was served a 12 oz rib eye with crab meat on the top; next to it were fabulous rosemary potatoes.

I could end this description now, but the meal was not over. As we sat back thoroughly content, Morgan piled our dinner plates on his arm and said he was bringing us ONE serving of the Chef's dessert for the night, some type of banana bread pudding with chocolate topped with vanilla bean ice cream. He explained it was large and we could share it. He disappeared to the back to prepare the dessert plate while we discussed among us how good this was going to be.

When he came out he held two plates above our eyes teasing us with, "I decided to give you something else." For a moment we all flickered disappointment from our eyes and then he sat the plates down. TWO PLATES BOTH with two desserts on each; cheese cake with whip cream and strawberries and a chocolate cake with caramel sauce and chocolate drops. He grinned at us and said, "This is on the house from the Chef, the ONLY two left from the special desserts prepared for New Years Eve."

Is their a moral to this story? Several.

First, know you will fail with trying to keep those resolutions to change. When you fail, just do not give up. Yes, I ate half of one of the chocolate cakes.

Second, know that you can go to God and ask for what you want. He may be the big guy in the sky (like the head chef in the kitchen), but He wants to give you the desires of your heart. In the case of Terry, he could have asked for the desires of his heart, but God had something better for him....ribeye and crab meat. He would have never dreamed to ask for something like this, but it was provided.

Third, know that God will always follow up as He has a plan for you in mind and it does include cheesecake and chocolate. It is only when we walk in blind faith and give thanks to Him for what we do have, that we find we have more abundance than we could ever ask for.

Count your blessings this morning and know with a warm heart that He has more in store. His plans are not always our plans, so hang in there in 2009 and have faith in the Father.

Joy and Abundance,


"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope. Jeremiah 29:11

I have to share this video... another artist shared it with me. Would like to see someone do it in the words of God looking at us!


Anonymous said...

Laurie....Love this video! your work. Will be back to peek at more!


Anonymous said...

Laurie....Love the video...and your work! Will be back to take another peek!


Susan D said...

That video is great. I still haven't taken time to figure out my laptop's video camera. Honestly, I'm still figuring out my new digital camera. That sounds like a good project for this evening. Blessings, Susan

Artspan Staff said...

What a beautiful site! Thanks for visiting the Artspan blog. I'll add your blog to our list.

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