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01 December 2008

Contemporary Art Watercolor Violet Flower Daily Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 inches on 300 lb watercolor paper.


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Monday is almost half way over and I am just getting here! NO I did not sleep late. That is wishful thinking. We were up by six thirty this morning and had breakfast together watching the news in the kitchen. Terry is busy boxing 10 pieces heading to The Red Tree Gallery in Atascadero California. She has just about sold out of my work. This takes more time as the pieces are all framed and more precautions have to be taken with boxing.

I did this yesterday. Enjoy and be kind.

Me, I am doing all the darn bookwork and lists and pricing and COAS etc. More work today, rarely a day off. Although yesterday we made a ran to Asel Art for Canvas for some commission paintings and then stopped by to see some of our oldest friends, Mike and Cindy Davis. They were part of the same high school group with Sheriff Elect Paul Fletcher out in Mt Vernon TX.
It was ever so wonderful sharing time with friends we have not seen in almost a year.

In this first week of advent lets continue to concentrate on Hope. By keeping it in your mind that the best is yet to be, you stay in the light and away from depressive thoughts or negativity.
Let's keep our Hope alive in anticipation of what is ahead. As you grow in this Light of Hope this week, be aware of your spiritual wholeness as it blossoms out to others around you. Your light shines on with the strength of His light to help with healing and caring for those around you. Keep words of encouragement always blessing out to others. Pass on the hope that surrounds us all. Help others into the light of His Hope.

Joy and Abundance,

"But surely, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life." Psalm 54:4

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