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07 December 2008

Homeward Spirit
Contemporary Art Palette Knife Horse Oil Daily Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

30 x 36 inches HEAVY OIL

heading for Como, Italy.

Still have enough time to order and get one of your own for Christmas!

"do it with heART"
A collection of thoughts and Art by Laurie Justus Pace


For some reason my mind has been stuck on a different mantra the past 24 hours. Ever since writing yesterday about the couple that owned the restaurant, I have been having echos in my head...Pray it forward.

This is the second Sunday in Advent. Today you will light the Candle of Peace. The First candle you will relight is the candle of Hope. Today's candle is Peace. We light this candle to remind us that our Lord Jesus brings peace to all who trust in Him.

That works for anything in your life. PRAY IT FORWARD. Yesterday I went with my brother and mother up to Bonham, TX to visit my Dad again at the VA Home. For new readers, my dad has Alzheimer's. Dad looked pretty good. He did not even respond in the lobby by the nurses station to Kirk or I but zoomed in immediately on my Mother who was busy dropping off cookies at the nurse's station. He only has eyes for her. It was a great visit. He looked great, strong and still the outside "dad" I have always known, but just a shell left with thoughts by the moment. The Cub Scouts from Anna, TX were there Praying it Forward with Christmas bags for the Veterans filled with fresh fruits, candies, nuts and a soft blanket.

Mom treated us to the Symphony last night. It was spectacular. She was praying it forward for us. I believe sitting there was a bit of heaven. From the faces of the delighted children there watching and hearing all the Christmas music; to the relaxed softened faces of all the adults (forgetting for 2 hours the recession and all the negativity piling up at home); to 'Mary' that commands the phenomenal pipe organ at the symphony hall; to the entire orchestra and conductor that made the 'heaven-like' sounds come alive in all of us. This is one thing I anticipate from New Years Day forward is the Christmas Symphony. Truly a tiny fragment of pre-heaven gracing our lives.

When trying to fall asleep last night I felt like a young girl that had been at her first dance. The strands of music filled my head as I lay there so relaxed with vsions flashing through my head of the evening and all the joyful moments and sounds. I lay awake totally enjoying it, praying and sharing with God all the wonderful moments of the day, the night and praying for the upcoming day today.

Somewhere in there about 1 am Paddy, Terry's dog, got sick. You hear that distinct sound of up-chucking. Being the 'retired' mom I still responded to the distressed sounds and had to call for reinforcements for cleanup. Of course the moment I entered the room he wagged up to me and wipped his snotty face all over my nightgown. Terry was a trouper and it took us 20 min to clean it all up. We tucked them back in bed about 1:30 and by 1:35 Terry was sawing logs. Me, I returned back to the eurphoric state of relaxation and it was close to three when I finally dozed off. I was up by five then getting TP off to work this morning an I am blogging by six a.m. I will play it forward and Pray it Forward.

Got an email from friends Ann and Robert Fuqua who are missionaries in Russia. Click here for their site. Ann and Robert have it placed in their heart to make this their life. I cannot even go back and remember when they started doing this with East/West Ministries, but know it was about 3 years ago, they sold everything they owned here in the states and moved to Russia to do it full time there. Used to be mission trips over and back several times a year working with orphans. Now they have branched out to work with "graduated orhpans", the young adults aging out of the system. There are some wonderful shared stories and pictures on this site. I have actually known Ann since we were about six years old, so we go back a long time.

I am praying today for direction for yourself and your family. Pray your life forward and ask Him how you are to serve Him. Have unwavering faith that you will be answered and LISTEN for His answer. I know I am not called to serve in Russia, but there are many things that can be done right where I live to serve others through my talents, my gifts and my time.

We have a request for family prayers for Terry's brother and his wife right now. There are health issues for both of them. Thank you!

As early as it is, here is one short verse from a Christmas Hymn and a very short reading from Luke.

Pray it Forward,


"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviciton of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

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