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21 December 2008

Contemporary Art Horse Painting with Children by Laurie Justus Pace

20 x 20 inches Oil on Canvas


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LOVE, all you need is LOVE! Love it the last candle to light for the fourth Sunday in Advent.

I was going to post pictures from the construction in the kitchen but hope there will be more changes in the next few days and I can post them at once. I know I might have mentioned Terry blasting through and ripping out sheet rock in the kitchen. Well the temperatures dropped from the seventies to the twenties and without the sheet rock up the kitchen feels like their are open windows. He brought home sheet rock yesterday afternoon, but then he spent the majority of his home time in front of his computer. He did help me empty my sewing cabinet that I sold. Someone was on their way to pick it up.

The electrician will be back today to finish up two under the counter lights around the stove area. The carpenter is coming tomorrow to do a door on the open pantry that I have lived with for 375 days and he will put the doors back on the utility area so you do not stare at the bare washer dryer when you are in the kitchen. The unfinished sheet rock from Terry's rip out back in March for rewiring is going on 9 months now still not repaired. I cannot wait nine months on the kitchen, I may be searching for a handyman.

Today after work Terry will pick up our respite care child that we have over Christmas. Her foster family is traveling a distance and CPS would not allow her to accompany them. She has stayed with us before and enjoys painting and working in the studio...I am excited. She can also help with the making and icing of the sugar cookies. Maybe I won't eat so much if I have a helper in the kitchen icing! If I recall correctly she made homemade brownies last time she was here. They were good.

Found out my grandson Jonathan will be on NBC either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It has been reported that he wrote an unusual letter to Santa Claus. He is an unusual child, so that does not surprise us at all. They station told us it would be syndicated and seen across the USA, so if you are watching the news Christmas Eve or Christmas Day you might see Jonathan Brown on NBC. He is a tall character, with a blonde hair in a crew cut. I have had pictures of him with us on the blog before.

Stacey continues doing well on her bed rest. BORED of course. Pray down those days with me for little Lauren Gracen.

My video post is the reading of Luke 2:1-16. Did you know Luke was a doctor? He was a close friend and companion of Paul. Many scholars believe Luke to be Greek. If he was, he is the only known non-Jewiesh writer in the New Testament. Luke wrote two books in the bible, Luke and Acts. He was a major contributor to the New Testament. His writing is more sensitve coming from a culture of the arts. He was aware of beauty, grace, poetry and prayer. Matthew wrote of Jesus as the Great KING and Luke writes of Him as the Great Physician. He presents Jesus as the one who became like us, suffered like us, was tempted like us and vulnerable to human problems. The Christ of Luke's story is pure compassion and love. He does not see man or woman, or Jew or Gentile. Jesus simply loves us all. He walks with the sinners, prays with all, weeps with those in anguish and pain, and then dies for us on the cross. Today I concentrate on his description of the birth of Jesus, simple and awesome in the same breath.

Light the Candle of Love:



“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:6-7

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Grammie Jan said...

I love today's painting - children working together for a common goal, in friendship. Friends are one of life's wonderful treasures.

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