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22 November 2008

contemporary art horse mixed medium horse painting by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 24 inches
watercolor and acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

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Brr, it is cold outside! Saturday morning it is 6:30 am and I just finished taking pictures of this painting above that I did yesterday. This is mixed mediums using watercolor and acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, so it does not have to be framed. I would frame it though. This is my third painting in this new series.

I have just started a new blog yesterday called . Here I am posting the fictitious journal of Lauren Mooring, a character in my first book of this series. I started writing these in 2002 and I was not directed toward any market, but when I began editing two years ago I switched to the venue for Christian fiction. I have several favorite Christian fiction authors that wow me at times with their writing. Others are more bland and not as articulate, but still good stories. I am not sure mine falls anywhere at this point but I am following a path God set out for me. The journal might refer to happenings in the book but it will also fill in missing years not covered in the first book and it is written from a personal view of Lauren. In the Lakewood Series I have two complete books and have started the third book. It is on hold while I begin a final edit on book one.

I am stepping out in faith with this and appreciate your prayers and support.

Yesterday I pulled out of the studio early and spent time in the kitchen preparing a special dinner for Terry and I. I started some fresh banana pudding (homemade) and the phone rang. As I was visiting with one of my friends, I kept tasting and adding to the pot. It all turned out great but I had a stomach ache with in the hour. I am lactose intolerant. DUH. I also chopped up fresh celery, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, and onion and sauteed them in olive oil and put on a pot of brown rice. The pudding was slipped into the oven for the merangue to brown and it was all set.

During this process the doorbell rang and I had two boxes delivered. One very plainly says, DO NOT OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS. How mean is that??? The other was Conni Togel's new book release. SHEEP INCOGNITO. Terry and I sat together on the couch when he got home and we read and laughed our way through every page. I can't tell you enough how blessed Conni is using her art to make you smile.

I have to think back to the tummy ache that lasted for four hours. I know I am not NOT suppose to have milk products. Sometimes I can get away with tiny bits of ice cream or cheese, but I must have surpassed my limit tasting the pudding.

We all seem to do that to ourselves. We know there are things that are not healthy for us to do. Not just eating, but in doing as well. From too many sweets and carbs to retaining anger and being judgemental... we all do it to ourselves. We justify it along the way and blame others, when the true blame falls back on us. As I wrote earlier this week, the one thing we do control is how we react to things . God controls everything else. From our life experiences we are suppose to learn and grow and not repeat over and over the same mistakes.

So before you eat that extra food today, think about your health and doing things in moderation. Before you anger about something, get your facts straight, pray about it and I bet you will find it is not worth more than a fleeting thought, nevertheless upsetting others with your rage. Often when we lash out we feel better, but we dump anger and hatred on others around us and then cannot take back the pain created with angry words. Personally I do not like to surround myself with that negativitiy. My father taught me to approach life rationally and if you have a problem with someone you go to them and try and resolve it. 99.9 percent of the time we do not have the true facts and we allow things to build up to an explosive point. It is not healthy. Choose your battles wisely no different than choosing your food wisely... in moderation and always be considerate.

Remember that old adage, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I will treat you as you treat me.

Joy and Abundance,


“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15

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