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01 October 2008

The Horse Within
Abstract Contemporary Acrylic Horse Palette Knife Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 24 x 2 inches

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Are we sure it is Wednesday? I know I slept last night but I don't know how or why. I am not prepared to blog much this morning with the happenings of yesterday so I will first blog about the painting above. All along I have seen only two horses in it, this morning I saw three. Take some time and study it... you might find four at this rate.

Want to add a quick post to have you check out our friend Paul Fletchers two new sites. He is running for sheriff of Franklin County Texas. His blog is and his website is

I have been reading a book for our CPS license for RESPITE FOSTER credit called hummm, that I don't remember and I sent it to work with Terry today. In the first few chapters it talks about behavior and the basis that there are only two major feelings driving most of us, FEAR and LOVE. The things that shape us initially in our lives set up the patterns for our entire life. When left unchecked, and not dealt with we can become self destructive not just to others, but to ourselves. The last book had ended with the idea of the reader thinking back to age 6-9 and what memories you could pull to your head about that time in your life and your thoughts associated with your mother. Terry and I had a long discussion about that for both of us. This book just in the first chapters has hit on so much for us with bringing up our children... egads it was hard for me.

When children (or we as children) feel abandoned, or hurt by those that are suppose to love us, our reactions in life are not positive actions at all. Things that we do are fueled by things we may not even realize. For example, children that have been emotionally detached from their mother by her neglect (which could be for many reasons) or physically hurt by a parent, may act out with lying, stealing, setting fires, etc. The actions of the children are fueled by fear, not necessarily anger. When children have to learn to survive in the world with out the needed steps of a loving family, their values and thinking are not the same as those that were loved, cuddled and looked after. Their actions are fueled by the need to survive and be safe.

Is this all true for adults as well? As God's children so many of us tend to be self destructive. If you were not brought up in His Word and being taught of His great love, and having the example of a family who followed the Lord, you will not know the depth and power of this love. Your actions and reactions in life are molded by those early formative years. Safety is something every child has a need for. Love, food and safety are top priorities. If the parent has failed that child, and those three needs are not met, that child will have formed a survival mode to make it through life. The more I think of this and then think of us as God's children, I can see the parallels.

Know that He is your Father and He brings to you unconditional love. Your safety is with Him, and not with the walls that make up your physical house or the dog sleeping at your feet. Your safety is not you and your ability... it is simply Him.


"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

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