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11 October 2008

Horse Oil Palette Knife Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 24 x 2 inches of very thick paint.

SOLD! Oct 16, 2008

Contact me to purchase and mention the title of the painting: Laurie

It is only six thirty this morning. Terry is still sleeping soundly and I am up to blog. At least we did sleep last night sort of...they had a king room but the location was by that noisy ice machine that kept us awake the last time we stayed here. This is a huge resort. Problem this weekend which we did not anticipate because of Texas OU weekend, is there are four wedding parties here. This resort is packed. They found us a quiet room on the seventh floor, water front view, very nice, but only two double beds. not even queen. I think it is like the second side of a suite or something. So we started out on two beds, and of course after all these years of marriage, that didn't work. So we crammed together on one bed. I had the smaller side.

The opening at Patina last night was wonderful. I have pictures but forgot to bring the things that moves them from my camera to the computer, so you will have to wait for pictures until tomorrow morning. There was a huge crowd there last night and Terry and I enjoyed meeting everyone. This is truly a unique place to live! John and Marnie that own Patina are incredible.

When you meet so many folks at one time with different personalities, lifestyles and backgrounds, it makes you aware how blessed you are to see life in so many way. God created each of us with such unique ways, each of us individuals and yet all his children. I encourage you today to break away from your usual activities and try something new and different for you. Meet someone new today. Call someone you would never think to call and share conversation. Take a walk on a new route today and make sure you greet everyone you see. Small changes in your habits will welcome huge new changes in your life.


"I have good advice and sound wisdom; I have insight, I have strength." Proverbs 8:14

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