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21 September 2008

Abstract Floral Paint Pull Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

12 x 24 inches

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Sunday Morning and the house is quiet as I get Terry off to work. Later Mom and I will drive up to see Dad today.

THEN upon arriving home, I am three days behind after being caught up after the summer, so I will be working late tonight and through the next few days. It is bad when I am out of paintings to post on my blog.

We enjoyed our time with Mark Bryant. He boarded a plane late yesterday afternoon to head back to Nevada. I am laughing at the Tomato, TOMMAATO thing the long "a" sound or the "ah" sound. I do not pronounce Nev"ah"da is Nev "a" da. I may have to work on that after 55 years of saying it incorrectly.

The family reunion was all too fast. It was in a church we had never been to and we were surprised at the small turnout. I think some folks got lost. Usually there are 100 people there and I think maybe we might have had 35-40. I sure didn't change how good the food was. Terry took two barbecue chickens he made on the grill. I made Frito Corn Salad, fresh fruit salad, brownies, banana bread and we took two loaves of french bread with us. Aunt Eola had the homemade mac and cheese that was to die for and some blessed soul had a huge container of homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers and fresh eggs whites whipped and toasted on top in a huge merangue. There was a fabulous feast set out though with all the different dishes folks brought to share.

We raced from there to the airport to drop Mark off, and then home to see our grandson Jonathan. We all went swimming at Grandpa Ben's place and back home again where Terry and Jon grilled hamburgers. Now you know what I gained 12 pounds this summer. Too much food.

There is an inner peace this morning with the quiet in the studio. I do not feel hurried at all despite knowing I have work ahead. Today is Sunday and it should be a day with family spent with the Father-God. It is a day to acknowledge this peace through out the hours and spend it in quiet and rest. It is here as we are comforted by God's embrace of love, we can rest feeling his arms around us and knowing He is watching out. His love enfolds us to be secure and safe.

I pray for you and yours today as I hold you up in prayer that you feel Him surrounding you with his presence. Together we are connected in spirit and truly comforted by his grace.


"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."--Isaiah 32:18

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