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23 September 2008

Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 24 x 2 inches Deep Gallery Wrap

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This painting was repainted... stay tuned for a new version!

Yesterday we were working right along when the phone rang and it was Morgan, the youngest of our adult children. He isn't baked all the way yet, but I think it is time to put the timer on the oven to go off when he is done and walk away from the kitchen. We have seen him through more trials and situations than I would like to remember. I think that is why CPS sees us as STAR parents to be first on the list as FIRST CHOICE for each group of children we have looked at. It was a sleepless night for sure and I will be grouchy today. He laid his motorcycle down while riding it yesterday on the freeway. No, he doesn't have health insurance with the job he got four months ago, he did, but since he waits tables, his actual paycheck is NOT enough to cover the monthly fee so they stopped his coverage. He has to wait until Oct 1st for open enrollment. Today is September 23, so that is a week away. Terry and I went to his apt to help him clean up all the wounds. By the time we were home I phoned our family physician and Morgan will be there this morning to see them. They will have to deaden some of it to clean it. It is pretty bad. No helmet, no jacket, no pants, no closed in shoes... it was WAS all soft there is nothing.

Brings me to praying and thinking at the same time, hence little sleep. In our lives we have opportunities to reach out and help others. When someone is sick it is common to bring in food or help out with chores until they are better. Sometimes your neighbor needs a lift somewhere and you help them reach a doctor's appt or go to the grocery store. Occasionally, you have a friend or family with need of a temporary financial help to tide them over until their situation improves. Optimal word is UNTIL....the sick get better, the car gets fixed, the new job is found.

Enabling is doing things for someone that they CAN and SHOULD be doing for themselves. As a mom I have a top rating in this category, but know I need to break my winning streak. By enabling a loved one in your life you actually prevent them from realizing they have a problem and you deprive them of solving it and eventually reaching their own potential. As a mom my roll has always been to help or I am not a good mother...but now I realize this can weaken the person I am helping. It is essential for the person to recognize and take the responsibilities and consequences of their choices. This person cannot grow and become strong if I do not let go.

So easy to say but not easy to do. It is a true test of my faith that God will watch over and that all is part of His plan. I may need your prayers as I release this and walk away in love.


“Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4

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