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25 August 2008

White Ahead
Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 24 Oil on Canvas


Lord, give me the strength and the wisdom to walk through this day; to go where you will lead me; to embrace it and give it my all.

The birthday party for Jon was yesterday, but my camera was here. I am waiting for pictures from Jan and Justin to use on the blog. In the past NO ONE has ever remembered to send me pictures so I am not confident on this at all. Mom and Dad traveled out to Roanoke with Terry and I. It was a fast afternoon; the food was great (Justin grilled) and the company of family quite enjoyable! Stacey and Larry have one of those great big media rooms. We really need to start having family Sunday at the movies. I tried to get her to do that when we lived out there...but things get in the way.

We really have to watch that in our lives. I fully believe we are missing some of the journey the Lord has for us because things get in the way. We have such will and power that we basically run off in several directions at one time. That too is part of our society right now...being busy.
We watched a special on the Olympics about Liddle, the runner from Scotland that was born to missionary parents in China, and then went to run in the Olympics in China years ago. He won the 400 race. He was not predicted to even participate in that one because he was a short distance runner in the 100. He refused to run the 100 because the trial heat was on Sunday and he would not break the Sabbath by running. When he ran the 400 every one described him to be in humanly fast and he blew by everyone with unbelievable strength and won by a huge margin. We have to run the race for the Lord in everything we do. We will come out yards ahead if we do.

Listen today and pray before taking off to begin your day. Go where he leads you and stay focused.


“Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.” Psalm 119:165

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