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22 July 2008

Two in Thought
Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

20 x 20 inches Acrylic on Canvas

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Terry's last day of vacation is today.... and then back to work. He will be doing a new schedule with more time off. We might actually get to travel more! YEAH!!!

Sort of one of those do it all in three day weeks! Trading off with a partner to cover shifts over a two week period, he works one of his 40 hour periods at the beginning of the two week period and has six days off in the middle. Then he works 40 hours at the end. It is not bad if he can stay awake for the two very long days.

I am definitely glad God doesn't take off for six days at a time in our lives. He works 24/7 and then some. Things would surely be a mess if he didn't. Some days seem dark, and they are in our family right now. My mom is recovering slowly from hospital visit number three, my dad is in respite care, Terry's family had a suicide two days ago, and then we found out one of his co-workers that he has known for 20 years, died in a motorcycle crash a day ago. Add in to the mix all the everyday stuff and you begin to feel beat down. I almost lost it once yesterday dealing with FEDEX and a cratered painting. FIVE YEARS of shipping with them and zero losses. Then they killed one... Add in another ART Show in NY the first of August and know I am not ready for it either....I worked until almost nine last night. THEN, I sat and laughed my way through two episodes of George Lopez and went to bed with a lighter heart. Some would question IS THERE A GOD? A LOVING GOD?

Yes there is. I would not have the strength to go on every day with out Him at my side. Right now he carries my mom in his arms and he protects my Dad with his shield. He provides the strength for Terry and I to deal with things together to handle what is in our lives right now. We draw great comfort from his unfailing love and our faith that we are learning from this moment and getting stronger. The bible in our home is our handbook and our comfort. It is an old friend and filled with a comforting spirit. We are strengthened daily and empowered by Christ Jesus to deal with our present day circumstances. No one is with out these trials. If life were easy, we would be so weak of nature our population would die off. Only through absolute submission can we totally and completely trust in the Lord and gain the strength we need. It is this union in spirit that provides it.

Our human pride is often in the way, thinking we can control what is happening in our lives, but believe me, we cannot. Even Jesus experienced the same human weakness feeling alone and seeking strength from the Father. He cried out seeking help from God, knowing what was before him and then drew upon his total faith in His Father to endure what came.

I give thanks today for my future Grandchild that grows with in my daughter's body. (The TINK in a Tank...such a miracle!) I give thanks for the day, the sunlight, the hope that is born in my mind each morning with the sunrise. I give thanks for friends and family and for the everlasting love of my Father in Heaven. I give thanks for my home, my husband and the many gifts and graces that my Father has bestowed upon us. Our life is full, full of light and full of moments of despair. With out the dark times I would never fully appreciate the bounty of His light.


"The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalms 27:1

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