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15 June 2008

Inspired Back Nude
Oil by Laurie Justus Pace

Inspired by William Merritt Chase late 1800's

11 x 14 oil on Linen Panel Framed in beautiful ornate gold frame.
Contact me for availability. This is heading to Jackson Hole for the July 12th opening.
But it is available to purchase. Laurie

What a busy Saturday! We did make our CPS Behavior Management Class. It was taught by Patricia Miller out of Euless, Texas. She was AWESEOME! Every parent should have to take a class from this woman. Her teachings are to the point on handling children. She is a way better personality than Dr Phil on teaching and engaging you into role playing and understanding the mind of the child.

As we were in class I received a buzz from brother that mom was having emergency Gall Bladder removal. She came through the surgery fine and hopefully will come home today. She looked pretty rough still last night when we popped in for a five minute visit. Dad is here sleeping soundly (I hope for awhile). (I want to start on a painting that is already sketched in on my easel.) No phones calls I pray!

As we came in the door from our Classes we were called and asked to take in our first children. I will not be blogging about our foster situation anymore because of privacy issues, but this I had to share. The caseworker asks if Shirley was there..I said, No, this is Laurie. She is obviously in the car driving and probably punched in the wrong number, "I realize you were just licensed and we have two children." Now you gotta know we have just been pumped up by Patricia and class and praying about what this means in our life.... So WE ARE READY.

The caseworker continues, " They are age 2 and almost age one." Believe me, there was DEAD SILENCE on my end of the phone. We are listed for age 9 and up. No crib, no child locks are in place.

She continues to explain the situation and of course my heart is melting. I promise to talk to Terry and call her back, but knowing in my mind we cannot accept tiny precious ones like this. In my mind I am thinking, MOM in hospital, DAD sleeping here tonight, TERRY goes to work, me trying to paint and get ready for the show in Jackson and adding two tiny bodies to our household that demand 24 hour care. My heart was ripping in half, but we had to stay the course of age 9 and up. I only hope we didn't blow it where they do not call again!

If you have ever entertained thoughts of the Foster Care System, I hope you will pray about it this week. This is Father's Day. Here in the state of Texas over 17,000 children are in foster care needing a forever family with a father included. If you can't take in children for care or adoption, go through the courses as we did and offer respite care. They desperately need people that can care and give of their time. This children did not ask for their situations. They need caring people to step up to the plate and play ball in their lives. If you cannot do that, then check into CASA. You represent the child in court with are their protector by law to ensure their needs are met. Just as God meets our needs.

Father's are molded closely in the image of God. He is our caretaker here on earth to help and guide us through our earthly journey with the love of our mother. Forever we are woven as a family, not necessarily through blood by through the heart as well. So to all those wonderful dads and uncles out there today...I give thanks to you all.

“The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him.” Proverbs 23:24

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