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12 April 2008

Pop Art by Laurie Justus Pace

Acrylic 24 x 36 inches

Popping in this morning with a blast from the past. I did a series of about 8 paintings in a POP art series. This is one of the first ones. I really enjoyed the preplanning, color placement and the distinct lines in this approach. Wanted to share something different this morning

Last night was THE GREAT DISCOVERY. I had gone several weeks ago to buy music because mine seemed totally lost. Music for the piano. To my knowledge we had unpacked every box except Terry's tapes, cd, dvds, models and model stuff. We attacked our giant closet in the hall and began cleaning things out and unpacking boxes stuffed in there. There was one box stuffed full of old Tapes for a tape player. He was going to keep them all and I gave him the look and said, "What do you see in my trash box?" He glanced over to my trash box. Inside laid the black and white Cow Morgan gave me for Mother's Day 17 years ago....also a big Beany Baby Black and white cow, art magazines, books etc...

I heard a grumbly "OK" and he began sorting through the music tapes. He narrowed them from 500 down to about 50. I was really proud! Not sure about the models yet. This all started because of traces of possible roaches around the boxes. I do not live with those things at all. I said NO MORE BOXES...and that is what we are doing. FINALLY, after five months. There will be a sell off on eBay of some of his models. He complained about storing them in the loft in our bedroom in large plastic rubbermaid containers because of the slight heat. I reminded him they lived at his dad's in a humid hot room for 17 years, and I truly didn't think it would affect them much more.

The last box in the closet, which by the way, I was sitting on.... was torn open to reveal my lost music. Tears rolled down my face as I touched the missing books of love! I raced to the piano and play a Sonata and continued to cry as I did. I can only describe it as embracing an old friend and feeling such comfort. That is what playing the piano does for me!

Compromise. God is smiling. I am smiling with my found music! Praise the Lord for discovery and divine order. Christ always leads us to our higher good. Roll with the changes in your life. Small changes sometimes through us into a loop, and huge changes can send us running back to bed under the covers. Know the Lord walks with you every step of the way, you can peek out from under the covers. See His light and feel His comfort. Now toss that cover off and get out of bed and embrace the change He has for you in your life. Remember what I said, "Christ always leads us to our higher good."


“He has made known to us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure that he set forth in Christ.”—Ephesians 1:9

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