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07 April 2008

Home on the Range
Abstract Horses Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 36 inches


I am late blogging today because I needed space to calm my spirit. I didn't paint at all yesterday. I was planning on Church and Jack VanVessem's awesome Sunday School Class.

I took time to shower, dress, get on my makeup, spray my perfume, white linen skirt, blue teal jacket...and Catherine called saying she was on her way. I went to let the dogs in and of course, Annie would not come in. Paddy was jumping up and down threatening my cleanliness so I shoved him into the house and pulled the door shut. I had Annie's leash in my hand. It took a bit but I clipped it on her and headed to the back door. IT WAS LOCKED. As I begin to think, Catherine will be pulling up front...and then I realized the gates are padlocked. Those keys are inside too. The garage door is a deadbolt lock like the house. I am literally locked in my back yard.

It was cold outside and that linen teal jacket did not shield me from the wind at all. I reached over and tried the garage door...and voila it was unlocked. I could get out of the cold wind. I checked and found my car unlocked which enabled me to get to my garage door opener. (no care keys) I opened the garage door and with Annie on leash, walked down the alley and around the block to get to the front of my house. I sure wish I had taught Paddy how to unlock the door.

After about ten minutes I heard the phone ringing inside the house. I figured Cath was probably I began walking down to the cross street she would have to drive on...and suddenly she appeared. Using her phone I called Terry at the airport. We would either have to drive to the airport or break a window. Ten minutes later I was back in the garage hunting the hammer. As I struck the window it did not break. Cath laughed at me, "CLOSE your eyes and swing hard." So I did. The pane shattered and I carefully reached my hand in and unlocked the bottom twist lock to get in.

No we did not make church. BUT we did make Sunday School class and it was wonderful. Jack Van Vessem serves up the best food for the week! After class was out we drove over to Three Fountains where Ben lives. Ben is my father in law. We had lunch with him and enjoyed visiting with Mary and Greta and seeing their apartments.

Later I was home cooking pork loin roast with pineapple chutney, mashed new potatoes, salads, brownies and apple cobbler. Kirk brought wine, Mom and Dad came we we celebrated early for Kirk's birthday. I cherish these family moments.

There are so many moments in life we hesitate because we are afraid of the shattering glass around us. Fear is almost paralyzing. Decisions that affect our lives are not to be taken lightly and in the darkest of moments we must cling to the fact that we are not alone. God has given us all we need to make a wise decision. Often it is difficult to look at things from out of the box, but we teach our children to make wise choices by weighing the options of what is ahead. We need to do that as well. God walks through every valley with us and helps us climb back to the top of the mountain. We have to trust Him that we will survive the valley. His love surrounds us!


"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. " Psalm23:4

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