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23 March 2008


Horse Oil Painting By Laurie Justus Pace


Celebrate the Joy of the Risen Lord today! Celebrate the awakening of the mind and body to the love of God, and enjoy the blossoming world around you as it awakens to the warmth of spring. Let this warmth fill your bones and your heart.

UP HILL is a painting that was out of reflection of life's journey. I was on the computer messing in photoshop thinking about composition of the painting that I wanted the rough terrain and a slight uphill climb for the horses. Normally I just take up charcoal and jump on the canvas with sketching. It is easy to wipe off charcoal if I do not get a curve right or proportions balanced...easy to wipe and resketch. Sometimes at night I sketch in bed and use those to go from in the morning when I work. This is the first time I have "Sketched" on the computer.

The painting has impasto and white acrylic layered first creating a textured look of ridges and angles. (think about life as I describe this) There is a smoothness that is constantly interrupted by a ridge of paint that stops the eye. The eye finds a route around the ridge and continues. Next I used my charcoal to sketch what I had done in photoshop with a "brush" on screen. The fourth step required color choice and application of the oils to look rustic and wiped in a sense. The last step was the addition of heavy oils to create interest and contrast. The entire painting covers the seven elements of art, line, colors, shape, form, texture, space and value. Not many pieces do this.

I leave you in thought today to reflect how your life contains all the elements that God provides for you. Your journey will never be smooth, it will only continue to change. You are not able to "Wipe" off the parts you do not like. Despite all your planning life will never turn out the way you plan it. I pray you choose the power of the Lord to walk it with you for the journey will be easier with Him next to you. Often you will find He will have to carry you when you are weak or beat down, but He will do it and He will be there for you. Even in the times you turn away from Him and denounce Him, He remains there knowing what is best for you, no different than any parent would be if you were a child.

You are a child of God.

Below is the video of the final planting before Easter. We still do not have our Tomato bushes planted and I have one more hanging basket to prepare, but this is as far as we got. I will post a small video tomorrow of the kids today.


“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12

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Manuela Valenti said...

Beautiful garden Laurie!!! you have a gorgeous home!!
thank you for the tour through your flower garden, I really enjoyed it!

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