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27 February 2008


Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

Contact Wendy Rogers at THE RED TREE GALLERY California for pricing.

Wednesday, is there a song about that? Other than the old saying of HUMP DAY and getting through it for the slide down to Friday, I can't think of anything.

The painting I have listed is available through The Red Tree Gallery in California. It ships there this next week along with some other pieces I am working on right now. Such an exciting time as a new gallery opens it's door. I am honored to be a part of this and give my thanks both to the Rogers as well as to our Father for the gift of art.

There are so many things in life we strive for and many things we cannot seem to get that we want. I am not addressing the physical, but rather the spiritual. If you are down and seeking happiness, the key is to act happy. Put a smile on your face and look in the mirror to see it. Do this over and over and you will find your life begins to pick up hope and happiness creeps in. My mom always told me, no matter what you do, get up every morning and put your face on. That alone makes you feel better. She is right, it does. I often go weeks with out makeup but the moment I put it on, and not a lot of it, but a bit of blush, mascara and some lipstick and my whole appearance perks up and I stand a bit taller and smile a bit easier.

I think that would apply to our journey with the Lord for so many that are in between on the direction of their journey. Take the step of faith and just finally say to yourself, HE IS IN CHARGE. Then let it all go. Even if you do not believe it fully, let it go and let your life be in His Hands. Fake it until you make it. It truly will work. Even when you doubt prayer works, pray again...and again....and again. Make it part of your life and your day and you will find one day that the Lord is woven into your life and he provides all you need.

This all goes back to Pavlov and his dog and Conditional Reflexes. Through the practice of prayer you will find peace.


“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

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