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18 January 2008

BURSTING BLOOMS ~ Flower Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 Oil on Linen Panel

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If I could type with rattled teeth I would be doing so. Hard enough to type with gloves on and will be more challenging to paint with gloves on this morning. I was happily chatting with a friend when hubby arrived home yesterday and announced it smelled like gas outside the front door. I hurried through the door to the outside and almost passed out.

We did further investigation and he did leave the propane turned on at the grill on the patio next to the kitchen. He promptly cut it all off and we waited ten minutes and investigated again. More gas smell but not as strong. We called the City Gas company. The Instructions left me shaking with laughter despite the seriousness of the situation. Realize it is 34 degrees outside at this time. The woman is saying do not flip any switches in the house on or off. Do not turn anything off that is running. Gather your purse and pets and evacuate the house. DO NOT start any cars. Then she proceeds to tell me I have to wait for the gas man to come or they will automatically turn off my gas no matter what.

I stopped and waited and repeated her instructions until the very end and said "and I evacuate the house with my large dogs, purse and have to wait outside until the man comes ...wait in the freezing cold? Might I add that I receive AARP now and come close to qualifying as a Senior Citizen at age 55 along with my heart condition which does not do well with cold?"

You my reader realize of course NO NEIGHBOR is going to take me in with my dogs. They are large and dirty right now. My husband says he will brave the situation, stay manning the sinking ship and the dirty dogs and sent me in my car to my mothers three blocks away. I needed to do my walking anyway so I used their treadmill. (Yes 8500 steps yesterday and Stacey it works knowing you have to blog it!) The gas man arrived in due time and announced we had a leak between the meter and the house. OUR PROBLEM, but they inflexible about cutting off the gas. NO hot water, no heat... but the computer works. We slept under blankets with my small electric heater blowing on the bed. Terry set it up on my cedar chest. It was noisy but warm. I now have the small heater in here, but the area is 25 x 25 so it may not warm up much today in here. It is only going into the forties outside.

With our tight budget at the moment the thought of a plumbers bill where concrete has to be torn up just squeezes my tummy into pain. I pulled out our American Home Shield book ( this policy came with the house) and I think we might be covered. Will know more later. Don't truly have an options to NOT fix this problem.

Meanwhile yesterday I did complete designing and printing my invitations that I will mail out to the homes in the area that I am ready to teach ....piano, guitar and art. Note I said Piano and I have none. Now my prayer warriors is your turn to pray for this miracle. No money for one, no hand-me -downs from anywhere,...but somewhere God has an instrument for me to raise praise on daily. A piano to teach and inspire others to play in his praise. To hear a piano ring and sing brightly with the joy and passion of the player celebrating the good in Life, the GOD in life. I am trusting and on through this blog we will see what happens. Divine order is in place. It flows constantly filled with God's love through our lives. Daily Word says, "I am where I need to be to give and receive a blessing today."


"You are good and do good; teach me your statutes." Psalm 119:68


Lori McNamara said...

Laurie, I love these last two flower paintings! Especially this one, its an explosion of beautiful colors.

Gee, after reading about your disasters with the utilities I don't know if I should have used that term!

I hope all goes well with getting it fixed. I'll say a prayer for you.

Roxanne Steed said...

Came to check out these gorgeous flowers....and OH MY!!! your life(from this move/ & house) is throwing some real curve-balls here....You are in my prayers for some peace to come into your life....

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