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30 July 2015

The Trust of Animals, Figurative Fun Paintings by Laurie Pace

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Girl and Goat 2  2006  Oil on Canvas. Sold


“From sunrise to sunset, I was in the forest, sometimes far from the house, with my goat who watched me as a mother does a child. All the animals in the forest became my friends, even dangerous and poisonous ones. Thanks to my goat-mother and my Indian nurse, I have always enjoyed the trust of animals--a precious gift. I still love animals infinitely more than human beings.” ― Diego Rivera

I cannot ever say I have been up close and personal with a goat.  I have with dogs, cats, horses, cows, donkeys, etc... but not a goat. I did a series of girl and goat paintings years and years ago. You can tell by the free paint and less worry that it was an earlier time in my career. 

My art is my precious gift and for that I am thankful and blessed. As mentioned often with every blessing come lessons to learn and every day I paint, I discover more.  I discover more about life, about people and about myself.

"Jesus said to him, "if you are able! All things can be done for the one who believes." Mark 9:23


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Laurie Pace
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