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10 April 2015

Going Back In the Hood . New Art Show opening at Dutch Art in Dallas . Wolf Painting

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 Size: 8 x 8  Oil on Canvas.


Going Back In the Hood . New Art Show opening at Dutch Art in Dallas . Wolf Painting 

Later this month I am excited about returning to the Lake Highlands area of Dallas for an art show with three other women.  It is the Colors of Lake Highlands.  While I wish there had been more lead in time to create new paintings, I do have six or seven debuting in the show.

The Wolves will be there along with flowers and horses and even a bowl of fruit.  I will be there too. More details will be later in the month on time of the reception and opening.

Every morning we are given a new day to open.  Our thought process from the moment we wake up sets the pace of the day. We all, yeah me included... seem focused on our agenda list and even before pushing back the covers, we have already covered it in our thoughts ten times readjusting times and places to make the day work.  Have you ever tried NOT having an agenda?  Maybe just a loose idea of one or two major things to accomplish and allow God to guide you through the day?  

Last week is a good example. The crashing Mac continued to crash and finally a week ago I gave up and hauled it into the Apple store. I am still under warranty.  One more year.  Long story short, the last day when I picked it up supposedly repaired early that morning, Terry and I were giggling and enjoying our day and walked down to Starbucks before the Apple store opened. I had a delightful large cup of iced tea, half and half and he had a coffee.  We were deliriously happy as we each picked out a muffin to eat.  We had no idea what was ahead in our one day.
  • Three in and out trips to the Apple store
  • One there to get it after it was repaired, one back only an hour later to return it as it was not fully repaired and then a third trip back to pick it up that night.
  • That is up and down the stairs with a heavy IMAC a lot of times added in with plugs and stuff to be set up.
  • An overachieving  police officer on a motorbike clocking us at 70 miles an hour merging into traffic moving 69-72 miles an hour (no we did not pass anyone, only merged)...but we drive a RED CAR.  Choose me...choose me...
  • Missing dinner
  • Spending entirely too many hours on this computer that day testing to see if it was going to fail.
  • The smart manager promising me a brand new IMAC if it was not repaired correctly.
The day was never our day...or it seemed that way. But in truth, it brought us closer together spending the time in the car, laughing about things...startled by the ticket, but snuggling close when we climbed into bed close to 11. It was God's day and it unfolded exactly as it was suppose to.  My agenda was quite different but I knew by 11 am that morning I would not touch one single thing on my to do list.   

The grace of God fills our lives and I am ever thankful for each day and his blessings.
 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12
Laurie Pace . A Texas Artist 

© Graphics One Design 2015

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2015

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