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15 February 2015

Wasting Away . Use it or Lose It . Finding Longhorns . Colorado Bound . Laurie Pace

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Preparing the Longhorns


Received an email from Steve Sonnen at Mirada Fine Art in Denver and was invited to be part of a special show at the gallery opening the last weekend in March.  The clincher was Steve wants four new pieces... so to work I go.  

I am still not totally unpacked and fell over one chair while working today. Love being upstairs though as I have twice the space, no hard concrete under my feet and a beautiful view of the sky out the large double windows. It does play havoc with the lighting on the canvas for pictures. 

Every painting has a beginning.

Luke 13: 8-9 “‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. 9 If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”  This was on the canvas of the piece I started today. Terry and I were reading in Luke this morning. It was referencing the fig tree that was not producing.  If it sits and wastes away producing nothing it should be cut down. Our gifts from the Father need to be used for a purpose. If you are not using them you are losing them.  To have a gift and not share it or use it is really sad.

So the verse went on the canvas first is bright purple acrylic paint. Next I used a soft off white and decorated with joy the squiggly lines... sprayed it with my sprayer, wiped it level and then as you see in the image on top, I sketched in some longhorns. Then the challenge truly began. I went through two knives before finding a good one, chose the colors in my Holbein Duo Oils that I wanted to use in this palette and opened a new roll of Paper Towels.  (Another artist I know that works in knife uses toilet paper.  I have not tried that. I would probably go through six or eight rolls per painting.) 

I told Terry I was so hesitant to paint as it has been almost a month or more since I could really paint something. I feel out of touch.  I think what changed the day was another email I received this morning. One of my paintings is going to grace the front of a book. I am always honored and amazed when someone contacts me to use my paintings.  I am laughing as they sent me horse bags from my horse food company that used one of my images. What to do with 15 brand new empty bags of horse food...?    The painting they are using is Mid Summer Night's Dream which is available at Mirada Fine Art in Denver.  Must be the year of the people. A Catholic Parish in New Zealand contacted me to use this painting for their theme this year in their school, that people are all the same and color does not play into it.  We are all precious in His site.

So onward I paint on the longhorns.

Blessings, Laurie

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Laurie Pace
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