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10 January 2015

IN TUNE . Laurie Pace . Guitar Painting and Jamming Away

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In Tune** . Guitar Painting . Laurie Pace . Oil on Canvas . Sold


Are you in Tune?

There are days I begin to wonder when I feel like I am not in step with the world. Try as hard as I might that day, I cannot gain ground and often I lose it. 
Laurie Pace on Guitar 
Laurie Pace on Guitar 
When I pick up my guitar to play it, the first thing I do is check the tuning. It really throws everything off if one string is not in tune.  Same with life, if I am 'out of tune' with God and life itself, I cannot 'play'.
You may be a student studying, an employee learning new things at the job, a new mother adjusting to a baby, an older person adjusting to retirement, a teen learning to drive a car or even a five year old learning to read. Whatever you and I are faced with,  the process only works if we remember that God has given us the power to learn and comprehend what is before us. We have to stay in tune with God. He will lift us out of fear, tension and chaos as soon as we are attuned to Him. All feelings of failure and inadequacy disappear. God's Spirit is creating a positive lift in our spirits and opening our minds and body to be capable of new things. 
"We have the mind of Christ"  1 Corinthians 2:16
**  In Tune was a commissioned painting for a New York Collector back in 2006.  I had painted another guitar prior (Which you will see later) and the client loved the colors and wanted something similar.  This is one of my favorites from days past.  

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Laurie Pace
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