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10 June 2014

Summer Horse ... Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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Summer Pony 
 Size: 12 x 24   Oil on Canvas. SOLD

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Getting unstuck is not the easiest thing to do.  All of us seem to be in a routine of comfort and even thinking about doing things differently brings anxiety which leads to many other things.

The painting images taped to the canvas are my older pieces
and are up there because I am painting something similar
for a commission painting. Keeps the color flavor fresh for me.

Terry helped me rearrange my studio again. I need to buy a new chair for in here. My laptop is set up with a small TV for that 'noise' I crave when I grow weary of music. I am really into the DYI station and learn so much by just listening and glancing up on occasion. 

 The idea is for me to connect to a computer while working for my camera shots. I have been literally running up and down the stairs, shooting, reshooting and running up and down. I do realize this is good exercise, but it really disrupts the creative process on the canvas. I take photos into photoshop and study them in reverse to see if my composition holds up. With the computer upstairs I was having to mark the picture up in photoshop and print it off and bring it down so I could see what needed to be done. This will keep creativity at a smooth level.

I am debating on getting  larger computer screen for work I do off of my photos.  One thing at a time.  He wanted to paint my walls but I said no. I have hangers for my canvas everywhere and paint gets on the walls easily. 

 So I will stay with the color awhile longer until I figure out what I want on the walls... probably another two months... then I will be ready.  

It is so important to 'nest' into your studio.  You want to be 'drawn' to it in a positive way. I have struggled with that at this house. First time ever in fact.  The next two months will be dedicated to making it my world.

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


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