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04 November 2013

Textures, the Last Element of Art by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Line Shape Form Space Value Color Texture

"Texture adds quality to a painting and makes it appear more realistic. Texture draws the eye of a viewer – dry brushing, sponging-on, spattering with paint-loaded brush... Spattered dots become the 'diamonds' that add sparkle even in the darkest shadows. " George Politis

Texture is the quality of a surface, often corresponding to its tactile character, or what may be sensed by touch. Texture may be used, for example, in portraying fabrics. It can be explicitly rendered, or implied with other artistic elements such as lines, shading, and variation of color. 

Tonight the pineapples will be started by my students. Last week we finished up color and did not even make it to the pineapples... but I have painted mine ahead to share in the lesson. I chose the pineapple because of the layering of so many textures and the diversity of their differences.   The pre painting I did for an example is what you are seeing here.   I will be going to it from a different approach when we paint tonight.   There is NO right or wrong way as long as you are creating texture in your own style.  I worked from the back forward and have tried to post images of the progress.  I worked quickly, so this was a fast study more than a full painting.

So you have my pineapple sample and time to try your own.  A wonderful challenge for texture and discovery while you paint.

Here is one of the last pictures of our pumpkins. I love the excitement when students are taking shots... and smiling.

Matthew 6:21 - Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

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