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23 April 2012

Longhorn Sketches by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

More sketches of longhorns
for a longhorn painting coming up.

I am doing rough sketches for some longhorn paintings next week. This is on my down time between painting layers on my Blue Hills. 

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Old Friends

This morning breaks with excitement for Terry and I. We are going to see our dearest friends Arlo and Jan today. They have traveled all the way from Arizona to Texas for a granddaughter's wedding and driven to the area for us to see them.

Make new friends, but keep the old,
some are silver and the others gold.

TP and I have lost twenty pounds since this picture in 2010.
This is Terry, Laurie, Jan and Arlo at our Lake.

Old friends are so dear as they have walked so much of your journey in life with you. Jan has seen me through many moves. Prayed me through many crisis and been there as my sister though the last 15 years of my life.  Our backgrounds are so similar and our beliefs are tightly placed in the light of God. 

Near and dear!  Tomorrow I hope to have some pictures to share of this gathering in 2012 and I do not want to wait until two years to see them again! Guess I have to fly to Phoenix now.

Take time to call that special friend today and share a moment of joy with them. Surprise them!

Words of my Heart, Laurie
A Texas Artist, Laurie Pace

Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the LORD, saying, ‘The LORD is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever.’” Then David left, and Jonathan went back to the town. 1 Samuel 20:42

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love these sketches, Laurie. You've captured these critters well, with simplicity and accuracy!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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