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10 November 2011

Progression Horse Painting You Raise Me Up by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on You Raise Me Up

This is where music spiritual takes me with my focus on the Holy Spirit within me.
From here the power of this horse painting is born. 

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Waiting for the Moment

I heard my grandmother tell me all the time, "Watched pots do not boil."

My husband tells me a savvy marksman does not waste ammunition... he waits for the right shot. It is for the maximum effect... to wait and strike when the time is right.

Many of us get up in the morning with our brains on overdrive for the day and a list of things to accomplish. Despite our well laid intentions, we never hit the mark one hundred percent.  We are pushing our limits and not hitting the mark.

Wait upon the Lord. You are far more important to Him to use up your talents and time wastefully running in circles.  You literally make too much work for yourself when you do that.

Be patient and abide in Him.  Click here to read more...



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