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11 November 2011

Progression Horse Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on You Raise Me Up

More  details as I paint... more depth, color and vitality pool into this equine art.
 This horse painting has captured strength and power... and I cannot wait to share the finished image.

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God's 200 Million Year Plan still works...

I will not get into a discussion of years, creation or timing...but I will share the story of the Sea Turtle with you. They have been around since creation and God put a plan in place in their life and they have not tampered with it. It still works. You don't try to fix things that are not broken.

Movie by Dr Billie Bauman, New York

The nesting ritual of the sea turtle dates back to creation when Adam named them sea turtles.  This ancient process is the same today as it was then.  When the female turtle is ready to hatch her eggs, she bobs in the surf until the waves have calmed down and the cool of evening has arrived.  At that moment she moves over the sand shedding large tears with excess slat.  The tears protect her eyes from the sharp sand she crawls through.  With her flippers she digs a hole about two feet deep and crouches over it and lays her eggs.  In one season she may fill three or more nests with up to 100 eggs each. As soon as the eggs are laid, she will retreat back to the water, her mission complete until she mates again. Usually that is every two or three years.

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