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26 August 2011

Horse Painting Three Ponies Racing by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Three Ponies Racing
Horse Painting Watercolor by Laurie Pace.
6 x 6 inches Watercolor on Board  

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The spiritual beginning of each day is with a prayer to the Lord to bless the day and to provide the gifts needed for that day.

Working together in harmony reflects divine order...a spirit that is everlasting in the work being done. From the moment it starts through the finish, this divine order reaches out to many lives.

Helping hands working together to finish something brings joy and harmony blended with goodwill. This was an Easter Cross built of flowers by the youth in our church.
A rider must be in harmony with his horse to participate in competition. The beauty of riding and jumping as one is incredible to watch. God wishes to be  with us every day in our lives... moving together with Him as one. Think of the beauty of relying on Him in everything that you do... He is there hand and hand, heart to heart.

On life's journey we encounter many different than the boulders in this stream. The water slices through in perfect harmony gurgling its way downstream oblivious of the large boulders sitting in mainstream.  When you allow God into your life, He brings perfect harmony and order to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  He will bring you through the boulders in your life with the same ease that His waters travel downstream.

Keep your thoughts in order and steer away from fear or doubt. Do not allow discouraging things to pull you into negativity. Affirm your 'harmony' with God.


"Put things in order...and the God of love and peace will be with you." 2 Corinthians 13:11


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