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10 July 2011

Palette Knife Tree Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

Palette Knife Tree
I have decided to do some more of my palette knife trees. This is one I did about two years ago. I have this need to photograph trees in the winter when they are bare.  It is revealing in strength to me to see them with out their crown of leaves.  I have many photos to work from and will be sketching them out one by one.
Paintings of Trees
18 x 27 inches  Oil on Canvas 
  Copyright Laurie Pace 2009

     Carol Ani Caver 1952-2009

Weary with Life

I am on a borrowed computer and do not type well on this keyboard so this is painful to even type, but my mind has wrapped around several thoughts that I want to express but again not sure of direction until the words come through my fingers.

Trust this will show up in words to follow in the next week or so as Terry and I are reading a new book together on worry.  I guess I have heard it over and over that worry is a sin, but some where on a plane in my bran I must think my worry doesn't count. It is justified.  

Over and over in the bible it reiterates we are not to worry.   I have been emailing back and forth with several close artist friends and we have for the past few months been kicking around burn out.

One of the hardest things an artist faces is finishing a canvas. During the beginning process things are intense with sketching and planning.  Then comes the actually work. INTENSE time of painting and delivering out on that surface bits and pieces of yourself. The larger the canvas the more of your self you give.  After you paint over and over year after year... large parts of you have left the studio. If you have not taken time to regenerate and care for the artist... you are less with each painting.

Ani Caver above, a friend from junior high on through life until she died in 2009, is my top example. She died in the summer of 2009.  Any of you that read this blog know from my words and my interviews on youtube, that Ani was my mentor in the mid nineties as I left the the world of 9-5.  Ani is gone, but her legacy lives through me and through those that I teach. We grew up together through high school and went separate ways.  I did College, commercial art, modeling, TV, family, children, advertising agency, studio art and classes for children and finally back in the mid nineties was able to do my art full time...painting and making my living.   Ani skipped all of it and just stayed raw art her entire life. 

Problem was she burned out. She traveled from the Caribean to France and back to her home on an island off Maine several times a year.  She did metal works, glass works, painting...she did it all. She lived a life that I sometimes envied, but after her death, realized that was a large part of what took her from us. She burned out on life and art at the same time and nothing was left for her. She killed herself in a small motel on the east coast.

I miss Ani almost every day.  I believe in my heart her essence lives on in her art and her words and her teaching.  Why would being an artist drive someone to this end?  I believe it is because she did not take care of her inner child. She did not nourish herself and take time for herself. Between the constant travel, shows, parties, drinking, working and painting, she had relationship issues that created more intensity and pain in her life.  

We are not suppose to worry in life.  We are not to be taken in by all we take on as it will take us under. That is not God's intent for us.  He intends a peace for us as we serve others in life.  My prayers and thoughts are dwelling on this right now and you will see it in future blogs. 

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 ESV

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