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18 June 2011

Wildlife Wolf Painting WISE ONE by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Wise One Finished! Well, maybe...

I have left Wise One Wolf Painting on the easel to dry and sent images to my galleries. Also gave options if I black out the background which is what 
most of my past wolves have had. See images below.
36 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas me: Laurie

With a black background? or gray?  I think it is fine..but who knows....


 This is the original sketch from my sketch book that I painted from... free hand sketching done while TP and I are sitting together at night in the den. He is usually watching TV and I am painting or sketching.

 This is WISE ONE in the studio on the easel.


Close up of the eyes and fur lines
 Close up of the eye.

Close up of the layers of fur and paint.
NIGHT POWER was my first wolf painting back in 2007 I believe. It is with a collector in California. It has that powerful black background.

Following the Path

Staying focused is not always possible when one multi-tasks as much as I do. Once I begin a painting and the music is on, I am focused. The energy from the music and the brilliance of colors building on the keeps me pumped and working in joyful abandonment.  I forget and leave behind me all my stress and troubles and I simply paint.   I never doubt the path I am on because I am trusting in God's touch flowing through me to the canvas.  Often there are amazing results and occasionally I go HUH?

Staying on track I pray on and off while I work, often murmuring "Okay Lord, this is you working and not me"  I try to stay totally open to new ways to see the piece as it develops.  My final test is in photoshop when I look at the image in reverse. I know then if I am truly on the right path if the image holds up in reverse. That is where everything looks new from a different perspective. You can see where your values work and do not work. You note where balance or perspective is off... seeing things from a different angle always helps.

In life it is true God is directing you around obstacles that might normally take you down or on a path you should not go. Listen to the small voice inside of you. It is Him talking.  Give good to others along the way and be blessed to be a blessing.

"We are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life." Ephesians 2:10

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Dynamic and brilliant....

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