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06 June 2011

Abstract Horse Painting Max and Lucky on the Cover of Horseback Magazine, June Edition by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

Max and Lucky
Sold Commission Painting
Now on the Cover of Horseback Magazine!

Contact me for your personal painted pony! Laurie

4 feet by 4 feet  
 © Laurie Justus Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011



It arrived today... June's edition of Horseback Magazine.  I have truly enjoyed working with the wonderful staff at Horseback this past month when they contacted me about using Max and Lucky on the cover.  Contemporary Fine Art International even ran a equine art ad in the magazine this month. This magazine has a huge readership at all the horse shows.  I love getting art out to horse lovers! It is a shared passion.

Watch next month for the July edition of American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Western Art Collector. There will be coverage on my summer show at Mirada Fine Art in Denver and lots of new dynamite paintings!

JA will be housesitting for us as we head to Santa Fe next week. Terry and I are driving the artwork for Mirada to Sante Fe to meet Steve Sonnen, the owner of Mirada Fine Art. I am a bit nervous about hauling all those paintings in this heat. It has been 102 here for the past three or four days. That is enough to do damage to freshly painted oil paintings that are just hard enough on the outside surface to touch while underneath that skin is mushy paint.

What does that relate to?  We are all so soft skinned when it comes to our emotions and our body.  It takes very little pressure to compromise the surface of our skin... and the surface of our ego as well.  Last night I was grabbing a bite to eat during Sixty Minutes and they were interviewing Lady Gaga. Up until this point I have really not noticed her or listened to her music or formed an opinion.  I almost wish I had not seen the interview.  I was pleasantly pleased to find out she was really a sweet person underneath the makeup and costumes. She spoke genuinely about her life and having to walk away from fears of failure and inadequacy and become the person she is today. She wanted all her young fans to believe they could succeed as she has and make something good of themselves. She wanted them to know they could rise above their vulnerabilities. 

What I could have lived with out was her confession on national TV that she smoked weed but had given up cocaine. She also admitted have a strong desire for whiskey.  I know I am an old person in my fifties, but what part of this are families missing? Lady Gaga said she never would lie to her fans or to any one. I do appreciate that in a person, but sometimes I think less said is often best. What does go through the mind of an impressionable 10-14 year old that is in love with Lady Gaga and she has just said she doesn't smoke weed often, only when she is writing song lyrics...but she does love her whiskey all the time.  Does that give the message it is all right to break the law a little bit?  I am confused, but again my adult children often roll their eyes at me.

I did smile when Stacey grumbled about Bampa watching Two and Half Men while Lady L was in the room.  The language is not child safe at all.  I am glad I am not raising children in this day and time. It was hard enough in the eighties and nineties.

Off to Big D this morning. I am posting so early because we are leaving early. Vicki is due to house sit the dogs about eight this morning.  We are on the road as soon as I post this.  Be back this afternoon.

Keep the Faith.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV   


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