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11 April 2011

In Awe
      18 x 24 inches  Oil on Canvas  

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This could be a hot topic.  Some of us are truly confident in our abilities.  We are often confident in results about things happening around us. We can be confident in God's promises.  If we take someone in confidence, we must trust them a great deal.

Seems like confidence can go two directions.  Obviously there is confidence that leads to over self-confidence and bragging or boasting; secondly there is confidence that leads to an inner self assurance that the Bible describes as boldness.  With God at our sides we can 'boldly' do His work in confidence that the results will be His way through His direction.   With God's assurance we can doing anything we need to do for Him to accomplish what needs to be done.  This confidence come from that same trust.  That huge trust that leaves absolutely no doubt in your mind that His Word is the truth and the way. He assures us that blessings await us in heaven and we know we can endure the trials we face here on earth.

In the same breath God has given us abilities and talents and HE is confident that we will use these in our service during this lifetime. 

If you lack 'confidence' then you are failing to recognize that God has blessed you with ALL that you need. Don't limit yourself...accept Him and be confident in His ways.

  Jeremiah 17:7 "But Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence."

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SiLa said...

Amen! Thank you Laurie.

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