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08 April 2011

Before the Storm, Sailboat Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Before the Storm

24 x 30 inches  Oil on Canvas

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Before The Storm? After The Storm?

My mom always called it the calm before the storm.  This was to describe that quiet time right before everything breaks loose. I distinctly remember that in connection to the birth of my younger brother. I was 11 when he was born.  It was a Sunday evening in April and the sunset was an eerie color. It was not the normal melting of sky in gorgeous colors of pinks and oranges, but rather a mustardy gold color.  I was playing down the street and we were hanging by the T of one of those old clothes lines... and looked to the west and I felt this sudden chill and said ,"I gotta go home now." and I scampered to my bike and rode home as fast as my legs could pump that old bicycle.  

My grandmother was there visiting from St Louis waiting to help my mom out with the new baby that was due to arrive.  My mom was very very pregnant is there is such a thing.  About an hour later the wind picked up furiously blowing through the open windows in the den. I was mesmerized by the Dallas Morning News paper as it seem to take off into pieces through the air scattering across the room.  The lightening began to hit outside and the hail began to fall. Mom and Grandmother hurried to close the windows on the west side of the house.  

Storms were never my favorite thing.  I had hurried through my bath earlier and I was tucked in bed in my room reading... and shaking with each loud bolt of thunder. The storm only lasted an hour or so and just gentle rain was left as I turned my light out for the night. School was in the morning.

When I got up the next day my mom and dad were gone.  My grandmother told me I had a new baby brother. They were all at the hospital.  I really don't remember my reaction or my older brother's reaction... I only remember that storm the night before and how quiet it had been before it hit... it was the same with little brother. Life was never quiet again after he arrived. HE LOVED STORMS.  As a little tyke he would jump up in bed when the thunder rolled through and sing out "He He is coming."  (Do you have chills yet?)   I tried tirelessly to convince him it was angels bowling in heaven but he didn't buy it.

Our lives were never quiet after he arrived in our family. With him came a brighter sunshine, lighter laughter and lots of unbelievable moments to cherish.  His birthday is not until next week, but the tale of the storm and the sailboat just tied right in for my blog this morning... so little brother HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY and thank you for all the love and joy you bring to all of us.  There was truly a quiet before you 'stormed' into our lives...but the rainbow that followed has been the best blessing.

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” - Galatians 2:20 


Karin D'Aunoy (Peaceful Sun) said...

I love the calm before the storm, I'm compiling my book of poetry and wanted to know if you would be intrested in showcasing some of you work in my book, I'm only on rough drafts now but I do so love your work

artistic desegnz by Melissa said...

That is such a wonderful story about your brother. I have three brothers and I know how interesting they can make ones life. My brothers are my best friends as well.

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