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20 February 2011

Two in the Sun, Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, God Is Joy

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18 x 24 inches  Oil on Canvas
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 Exciting moments in life often leave treasured memories.

Shopping at the Evil Empire gets to me to begin with, but going there with Tink added new dimension.

Terry and I are NOT Walmart shoppers and we consider it the Evil Empire for several reasons... so many products NOT made in the USA and the store presents so much temptation to buy and buy and buy. Shelves of temptation. BUT that is where we went with the Tink... to buy her some new play shoes. Her room swallowed up her old ones and she had on her reserve shoes.

We breezed through the card aisle to grab a TINKERBELL birthday card..for guess who.  AND we bought one for mommy too. Then it was off to the kids area to look for Tinkerbell shoes...and on the way some clothes fell in the basket and a white hat with SWEET TINK on it.  Oh yes, add in a new Tink purse, a Tink Wallet and a Tinkerbell Blanket.

On the shoe aisle we encountered more effects of the Evil Empire.  She spotted the white Mary Janes with Tinkerbell flying across the toes about the time I was trying on some nifty sparkly jobs that easily velcro on.

What we had not contemplated was her desire NOT to remove the shoes. We had to check out with her wearing one of each.  Back to the car with the new hat on and two new pair of shoes dangling from her feet.

Once we were in the car she made the 'I am hungry' noises and we headed to a new Mexican Restaurant only a block away.  Rumor has it Tink loves Mexican food.
Are we there yet? 
(New hat and new shoes...old sunglasses)

Every child born in Texas is raised near a Mexican Restaurant and eventually are exposed to rice and re fried beans. Tink happens to like salsa too. Can you tell by the picture?   She ate two entire chicken tenders with almost ALL of her beans and rice.  There was not much left on the plate when we headed out.  She pushed her plate away and said, "Home Bampa."

She grabbed her hat, her glasses and her water to go... and we were on our way home for a short afternoon nap.

I looked at Terry across the table and said, "Can you feel the joy?"  He grinned and leaned across the table and gave me a big kiss... "Yep" he replied.   Tink clapped her hands in delight,  "MORE?"

I wanted to  share my "joy" of this precious child.  God has chosen her to be  part of our family and we are truly blessed.

This pure joy is testimony of the living, loving Christ Presence in our lives.

I give thanks to God for this child and this gift of joy.


My heart and my flesh sing for joy of the living God.--Psalm 84:2


SarahBowie said...

Tink is so strongly her own person - more so than many adults. I especially loved the restaurant photos since I have fond memories of babysitting my little cousin Katie and taking her out for "rice & beans, please." Wal-Mart...I also regard it as the evil empire. But since it killed my neighborhood Target I have found myself in its cold confusing aisles lately...

Laurie Pace Texas Contemporary Artist ~ International Equine Artist said...

TARGET... yes we love Target. Target was Tink's second word she learned. Shopping was her first word. She is her mother's daughter.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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