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28 February 2011

Progress Red Ribbon Lacing Acrylic Mixed media Painting in Progress by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Who lives there?

Red Ribbon Lacing
20 x 30 inches  Mixed Media on Canvas

Still in progress I think.
I keep working on it and stepping back and working on it more.
It reminds me of my niece.
Contact me if you are interested in Red Ribbon Lacing. Laurie

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On the way to church yesterday we were hurtling down the back country roads viewing land around us still void of leaves with spring just beginning to arrive.  I noticed a house off to my right I had never seen before.  It was built facing to the sides so the front and back were not in view of the road. I could see a nice pond in the back and the house was high up from the pond with a beautiful deck. There were stairs down to the pond... LOTS of stairs.  The house was immaculate and so beautiful nestled in the cove of trees about 300 yards off the road in a slight valley.

 Wonder who lives there?

We turned onto Hwy 115 and there was a quaint soft blue frame house off to the left. It was on a slight rise surrounded by trees and neat as a pin.  I commented to Terry how beautiful the blue color was on the wood of the house and the white shutters framed it all off beautifully. Reminded me of my grandmothers farm altho she did not have a light blue house.  It was just quaint and very comforting.

Wonder who lives there?

We go through the day everyday passing houses along our ways... and passing even more people we do not know.

Wonder who lives there?  

When it comes to people, it still applies...I wonder who lives there?  Why kind of person are they? Do they like apple pie? Do they enjoy roast beef on Sunday? Do they prefer baked potatoes or French fries? Do they follow Jesus?

Can you really tell anything about someone if you only see them for a brief moment in passing?  There are a few hints.. did they smile at you and share a tiny connection? Were they on their cell phone texting or talking? How were they dressed?  Can you tell anything about the folks in the image above?

There are thousands of visual hints that can point you in a direction of answering who lives there...but until you sit and share conversation heart to heart, you truly do not know. What kind of visual traits do you display to others?

Share a smile and a kind word today whenever you have the chance. Don't keep your beliefs hidden behind your outside look...let God's light shine from you into others. Actions can speak louder than words...but if you can share the it.


“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” - 1 John 3:18

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