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18 November 2010

"Hurried" Equine Art, Horse Paintings, Horse Oil Paintings by Contemporary Texas Artist Laurie Pace

24 x 36  Oil on Canvas
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Short blog as we are set to travel. I may miss a day or two, but please come back to visit in a few days. I will try and at least blog when I can, but there will not be new artwork. 

This painting I am still debating on if it is done or not. It is wanting a new home for the holidays and it is priced specially to be affordable.  Email me if you are pulled to it.   I may keep working on it. 

I thought of the word UNEXPECTED after the phone call of my Aunt's death.  Life is filled with change, big and small. Some surprise happenings bring joy to us of good news, some bring sad news that brings us to tears. Each of these, happy or sad, bring not only change but the invitation to learn and grow from the happening. It is our reaction to the 'change' that determines our own outlook of handle the situation. Ben Pace always said, 'You can get GLAD just like you got MAD.'

Be open today to life's surprises and to unforeseen happenings that come your way. Be open and receptive and know He will provide you with what you need to journey through the change. Release those expectations of how life should be.  I heard from an old friend and his sign off was "Life is what happens while you are looking for something else." (John Lennon - I looked it up)  

Allow God's light to fill you on this new path that has opened. The journey will be filled with challenges. Welcome it as you would a new gift given to you.

God has given you this day.
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

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